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14 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Try in 2021

Single or as a couple, having the best sex toys available can really elevate your sexual satisfaction- can also increase body confidence.

14 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Try in 2021

Sex toys are great for couples who want to revive and add more pleasure to their sex life. Choosing the best sex toys also boost and improves communication during sex. Best sex toys are versatile, durable, easy to clean, unique, and fun.

Of course, using a sex toy on your partner for the first time can be a little bit intimidating, given that you are not sure of their reaction or if they will like it. Before bringing it for playtime, gauge how they react by merely talking about it.

Of course, be prepared to accept if they do not buy the idea of using a sex toy. Besides, there are still plenty of things to do for an added pleasure.

But if you are lucky and your partner agrees to use the sex toys, go shopping, Of course not alone. Have your partner assist you in choosing the best toy of their choice. Both of you should decide on the kind of penetration you want and how intense you the vibrator to be.

Once you agree, the question will be how many of the following sex toys you want. Remember, the more you have, the better.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Here are some of the best sex toys you may want to try as a couple:

Jive Couples Vibrator

If you like penetrative sex and want a vibration that overshadows one created by fingers or a penis, then We-Vibe Jive is what you need. This egg-shaped vibrator is remote-controlled by a smartphone app, making it effective during oral sex for an added pleasure.

Best Sex Toys – Lelo Ida

Ida is a remote control-sharing vibrator for couples who want to be adventurous and seek new levels of excitement. You insert it in the vagina, and when your partner trusts you, both get an added vibration on the clit and shaft. Its soft and small remote makes it easier to control the intensity of the vibration.

We-Vibe Melt

For added clitoral sucking sensation to a penetrative vaginal or anal sex, you can go for a We-Vibe Melt. We-Vibe Melt is slim and easy to handle, allowing it to fit comfortably between the bodies. It can also be controlled through an app, meaning you can use it during a video sex tape.

Jimmyjane Form 2

If it’s your first time using sex toys, try the less intimidating ones rather than the hyper-realistic ones. Jimmyjane Form 2 is one of the best for clitoral stimulation and can be used on any hot spot of your body.

Oh- it’s cute too; it comes with flexible bunny ears that induce pleasure. Though small, it has four speeds and five notches for intensity to give you anything you desire.

Zumio X

This is yet another clitoral-focused toy that will leave no stone unturned. Zumio X sex toy explores varieties of erogenous spots, including the ones you never knew existed.

Its slender stem has a tiny tip that rotates in tiny circles at eight speeds and intensities to create an extraordinary sensation on the clit and beyond.

It is ideal during penetrative sex because you can add some more pleasure wherever and whenever you need it.

Minna Limon

If you don’t want something complicated and want to keep things simple as much as possible, try the Minna Limon. This kind of toy has small vibrations that intensify as you squeeze it. So, the harder you want the vibrations, the harder you squeeze them.

Lovense Nora Bluetooth Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you may need to try toys from high-tech vibrators. Both partners can buy toys and connect them to the Lovense app. When either of you uses the toy, the other toy responds based on how the partner uses it and imitates the motions.

Best Sex Toys – Tiani 3

Tiani 3 couples vibrator provides enormous sensation for both of you during penetrative sex.

Tiani 3 is made from the highest quality material to create fun during sex. This sex toy vibrates internally and externally at once hence providing a sensation that is out of this world. Tiani 3 is remote-controlled for extra fun. Although it may be a bit expensive, the investment is worth it.

Match Couples Vibrator

Either one of you can control the toy with the wireless remote or the We-Connect app. You can also create custom vibes to rev your partner from wherever they are. Its snug attends to the G-spot and the clit while the other ten different vibrations options make your partner feel the moment as it slips under the toy during sex.

Best Sex Toys – Tomboi Harness

If you want to play on your own terms then you must try, Tomboi Harness. This one looks like underwear, feels like underwear, and wears like underwear. It has a soft, comfy fit and can handle any dildo.

Mio Cock Ring

This vibrating cock ring is super cool. The padded silicone ring sits at the base of the penis, adding vibrations that will blow both your minds during penetrative sex. You can also use it to tease the P owner before you get into action.

Best Sex Toys – Magic Wand Rechargeable

This toy lasts for three hours before recharging it. Therefore, if you want to last long in bed, you don’t need to think of recharging it; you only enjoy yourselves.

Eva II Personal Couples Massager

If you rather have your hands free, then the Eva II vibrator is ideal for you. You can use it alone or with your partner. It sits on the clit and top of the vulva while its wings are stuck under the labia. You press the button, and there you are, enjoying the sensation without holding anything.

Lelo Hex Vegan Condoms

Safe is hot. You can only enjoy it when you know you are safe. This kind of toy is a thin condom that is barely noticeable. 

Best Sex Toys for Couples – Final Thoughts

Sex toys are not only used by single individuals but also by couples. They are a source of added pleasure during penetrative or oral sex. With the right kind and the knowledge on how to use them, you can take your sex life from one step to another. The above sex toys are amongst the best you can try to see the difference. 

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