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15 Celebrities Who Are LGBTQ+ Members

Celebrities who are LGBTQ+ and proud.

15 Celebrities Who Are LGBTQ+ Members

Since they live a public-figure life, celebrities who are LGBTQ+ find it necessary to come out to their fans as they do to their loved ones.

They often use social media and news platforms to break the news about their sexual orientations.

Below are some celebrities who identify as LGBTQ+ and are proud of it. 

Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+

Niecy Nash

It was a big surprise for Nash’s fans when she married Jessica Bett months after divorcing her ex-husband Jay Tucker. Niecy and Jessica met on social media five years ago and have been friends since then. However, according to Nash, their friendship turned into something else after her divorce.

Lili Reinhart

During her support for the famous Black Lives Matter movement, Lili announced that she was bisexual through social media. Although she had not come out publicly to disclose her sexual orientation, she confessed that she is proud of herself as a bisexual. This was just after her break-up with Cole Sprouse.

Clive Davis

The music lord, Clive Davis, the man behind Whitney Houston and Billy Joel’s careers, among other music legends, is a proud LGBTQ+ member. In 2013, he released an autobiography with details of his two long-term relationships with fellow men.

The music mogul has married twice.


Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+ – Lady Gaga

Regarding her non-dying support for the LGBTQ+ community and her performance, it was not a surprise for Gaga’s fans when she identified as bisexual in 2009. Her LGBTQ+ status has been linked with marketing purposes. However, in 2013, she addressed the issue during her album release party, where she stated that she is indeed bisexual, and that’s how she will always be.

Frank Ocean

A member of hip-hop group Odd Future and a solo star, Frank Ocean is yet another proud LGBTQ+ member. On his Tumblr account in 2012, the musician seemed to confess his love for another man. He later released a new album, “Blond,” which was a success. Frank Ocean uses his celebrity status to champion the LGBTQ+ community and their rights.

 Angelina Jolie

The famous actor and director Angelina Jolie have been so open about her sexuality for a long time that people may have forgotten about it. In 2013, she was asked if she was bisexual, and the answer was, “Of course I am.”

Amber Heard

Amber came out as a bisexual in 2010 while still dating Tasya van Ree. She is an advocate of equality for both the LGBTQ+ community and women. In an interview in 2017, Amber admitted that gender inequality is more serious than thought. She also stated that she lived with her head buried in the sand and didn’t know how far we are in ensuring gender equality.

Justice Smith is Among Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+

After participating in peaceful protests in New Orleans, Justice took to social media to spread awareness towards the fighting for queer people of color and used the opportunity to come out.

He stated that he was disappointed when some people were eager to say Black Lives Matter but were hesitant to support Trans or Queer people. He added that if the queer voices were not a part of the revolution, then the revolution itself is anti-Black.

Rick Cosnett

He is well known for his roles in “The Flash,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Quantico.” Rick Cosnett uploaded on his Instagram page to make the big announcement.

In the video, he said that he is gay and wanted everyone to know about it since he promised himself to live his truth every day, although sometimes it’s hard due to the subconscious things from childhood and life.

He concluded by saying that he’s sure that lots of people knew about it but there, he has made it official.

Victor Garber

The famous actor is well known for his roles in “Titanic and The Flash.” Garber confirmed he is gay in 2013, although he never kept it a secret. He also has never kept his more than 20-year relationship with Rainer Andreesen away from the limelight. During the announcement, Garber stated that he doesn’t talk much about his sexuality, but he is sure that everybody knows about it.

Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+ – Bella Thorne

The fashionista, singer, and actress Bella Thorne came out as a bisexual in a modern way. She shared her picture of her kissing a girl on Snapchat, which confirmed that, indeed, she is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, Thorne has been living her sexual life to the fullest with no regrets about who she really is.

Lee Daniels

Before becoming a known celebrity, Daniels was a gay youth trying to come into terms with his sexuality in Philadelphia. He remembers being thrown in a trashcan by his father after coming downstairs with high heels on.

As if struggling with his sexuality was not enough, his father died from AIDS in the 80s. In fact, he finds it a miracle that he didn’t contract the virus.

Azealia Banks

With her use of gay slurs on her Twitter handle and lyrics, Banks faced homophobia accusations in 2015. Hoping to save herself from the allegations, she came out as bi in the same year. She also stated that all her friends are gay, and she has a transgender sibling.

Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+ – Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa made her way to fame with her track “A Thousand Miles” in 2002. The hit song was later nominated for a Grammy the same year. In 2010, Vanessa identified as a proud bisexual. She, however, revealed that she had been a queer since 13 after they moved to New York.

Lucas Hedges is also on the List of Celebrities Who are LGBTQ+

Lucas Hedges is another celebrity on the list of LGBTQ+ members. Hedges revealed that from his early age, he was attracted to his male friends. It went on through high school, although he was aware that he was attracted to women too. He confesses that he is not totally straight or gay, and he is not necessarily bisexual.

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