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❤️ LGBTQ and ALL ambassador Chelsea Anderson shares she/her personal experiences with mental health and suicidal thinking as a result of severe depression as well as living a closeted life ❤️


Name Chelsea Anderson

Community Lesbian

Location Washington, Indiana

Pronouns she/her

Let's Contact

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Laura-Rose Thorogood


Hey, I’m Chelsea Anderson! I’m from Washington, Indiana. I’m an LGBTQ mental health advocate, writer, social media creator, and podcaster. Also, let’s not forget the Dog Mom stereotype. My Boston Terrier, Kit, is my little bestie.

I came out as gay at the age of 28. Having been raised in a mostly conservative, Christian environment, I was convinced that my sexuality and spirituality couldn’t coexist. Deconstructing old belief systems has been a challenging but worthwhile journey. Though I’m no longer religious, I embrace every gift the Universe has for me, including my queer identity.

I struggled with anxiety and depression from my early teen years to adulthood. Can someone say “Yay a great therapist, self-care and meds!” I’m a huge advocate for all of these, which still benefit me to this day. The mental health journey is lifelong. I’m also an active part of the recovery community. As a recovered alcoholic and addict, I want those struggling with addiction and mental illness to know there’s hope and their lives are worth living.

My greatest mission in life is to help save lives by bringing awareness to mental health issues, especially in marginalized communities. I do this mainly through social media content, writing and my podcast, Recovered Life. Sharing my own survival story and giving others a platform to share theirs brings me joy. Stories create empathy, which our society is desperately lacking. Empathy and awareness will help bring about the cultural change we desperately need as LGBTQ people. I’m excited to be on this journey with you!

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