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❤️ Grant Loveless is an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador. Loveless speaks on mental health issues and learning, with challenges surrounding a learning disability and how to overcome them ❤️


Name Grant Loveless

Community AfroQueer

Location Austin, Texas

Pronouns he/them

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Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Grant E. Loveless, has dedicated themselves to understanding the art of storytelling, community building, and youth empowerment; assisting youth-led or focused organizations to turn their stories into action. Loveless is an AfroQueer award-winning student, social entrepreneur, and community strategist in Central Texas. They are currently a student at Austin Community College majoring in Journalism seeking to pursue a career within journalism and public policy.

Before becoming a leader and strategist in their hometown of Austin, Texas, Loveless created impactful connections and events for youth at their high school in Manor, Texas where their love for activism ignited and transitioned over to his community college, Austin Community College. At ACC, Loveless was selected to be the Student Ambassador and Engagement Specialist for ACC’s Career and Transfer Services department and jump-started the BlACCk Student Success Committee. These key roles led to the development of cross-campus collaborations with students, faculty, and staff to promote and elevate college students and their academic and professional well-being.

Currently, as a spoken-word poet and well-recognized public speaker, they focus on creating dialogues centering: social and economic equity, cultural preservation and representation, youth empowerment and success as well as creative activism/storytelling. These dialogues are seen through their commitment to excellence within multiple businesses and non-profit organizations.

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