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❤️ Jamie Benz is an LGBTQ and ALL transgender female ambassador. She loves positivity and wants to live life to the fullest. Benz speaks from the heart about the journey of transitioning ❤️


Name Jamie Benz

Community Transgender

Location Wasaga Beach,
Ontario, Canada

Pronouns she/her

Let's Contact

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Hello, my name is Jamie Benz, I’m a 29-year-old transgendered woman trying to live my life to the fullest!!! I’m a very active fun loving girl who loves the outdoors and loves to cook!!! I’ve been transitioning for about a year now, I have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!!!

If you didn’t know this I have a huge Nail fetish and I do mine myself! Transitioning has allowed me to be me!!! it’s been hard to get over the fact of trying not to care what other people think about me! It’s taken me a while but I can finally walk with my head held high and I know the rest of you can you just have to believe in yourself as I did!

I used to be a masculine male trying to hide my identity which led me to a lot of years of drug and alcohol abuse!!! But I finally got the courage to start to live my life so I started to date a transgender woman which was hard to do because of the thoughts of my friends and family. She happened to be the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, she helped me figure myself out and helped me to realize I needed to be true to myself!! She supported me so much and helped teach me all the things I needed to know to become a successful, strong woman!!!

When I was 13 I had a dream of what I wanted to be in my life and I never thought it was possible! But I finally gained the courage to wanna live my best life and ever since that day I’ve never looked back!!! And now you get to see this beautiful boss lady before you so make sure to do what’s best for you and live your life, fuck everyone else!!!! I try to eat a somewhat healthy diet about 50% of my diet is vegan. I still enjoy real dairy products but I had to cut back on the meat and start adding more veggies!!! So my favorite dishes are smoked bbq, steak, hamburgers, vegan sloppy Joe’s, lasagna, vegan shepherd’s pie, it’s hard to list all of them because I am an amazing cook!

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