❤️ Non-binary, gender fluid, lesbian, Jay Mapletoft is an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador. Having to have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression Mapletoft's goal is to bring awareness and help others with their struggles ❤️


Name Jay Mapletoft

Community Lesbian

Location Brisbane, Australia

Pronouns they/them

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Hey I’m Jay, Angel of Love.

I’m a 37 year old non-binary, gender fluid, lesbian. I have ongoing mental health issues and I am medicated with Effexor, my dose is currently 150mg I have just reduced it by 75mg.

I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. I used to have a problem with both drugs and alcohol, I have now developed healthy coping mechanisms and am now currently in recovery for my depression, and my anxiety is better managed. I manage these via healthy eating, regular sleeping patterns (or at least try to), meditation and practising mindfulness, exercise and communicating with a therapist as well as my support system.

My goal and my platform is to help people to know they are not alone, by being there as a key member of the community, to help others through talking about my journey and being a listening ear for those who need it and to show people there is no shame in both having and speaking about their mental health issues, that being different is ok and to embrace the person that they are without fear of judgement.

I go live on TikTok daily and am there as a support system for the LGBT+ community. Its chilled, non-judgemental, full of love and a safe space for all members of the alphabet mafia including allys.

I talk about being medicated openly, because although I definitely have an open mind to alternative medicine, I want people to know that its also ok to be medicated and to be open about their medication.

I run an LGBTQIA+ Clothing Label that is inclusive of everyone, and my philosophy is, every single human on earth is different and unique, so love and accept everyone without judgement for who they are, what they believe in, who they identify as, who they love, what race/ethnicity they are.

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