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❤️ Jocelyn Claire Reed is a bisexual and transgender woman, and an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador. Reed's goal is to share positivity through personal experiences, struggles with body/ gender dysmorphia, and the decision to begin transitioning ❤️


Name Jocelyn Claire Reed

Community Transgender

Location Liverpool, England

Pronouns she/her

Let's Contact

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Hi, I’m Jocelyn, also known as Jo.

I’m a 21-year-old bisexual, transgender woman from Liverpool, England. Up until November last year I had been living as a gender-fluid gay person until finally acknowledging my true self. Makeup was my escape when I was down and it allowed me to express myself for a long amount of time until I made the decision to begin my transition.

I’ve battled with body/ gender dysmorphia my whole life and I’m so happy to finally be on the right path in order to help bring out my true self through transitioning. It’s taken a long time to realize what the right step for me was but everything I’ve gone through has turned me into the person I am today.

I never intended on having a platform to share my experiences on however, now that I have it I love using it to spread positivity and to let people going through similar experiences as me that it’s okay to be like that and it will always get better. Having a platform has also allowed me to flourish as a person and it’s helped me meet so many wonderful and amazing people along the way. I love being vulnerable and open online as it warms my heart to know that I’m potentially making a difference in someone’s day or even life.

I just want everyone to know that you should never be ashamed of who you are and no one can tell you you’re worth any less than anyone else. You deserve to be loved and to be happy.

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