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❤️ Kara DeBord is an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador and a mental health advocate who is passionate about therapy. Kara openly touches base on panic and anxiety disorder and the challenges ❤️


Name Kara DeBord

Community NA

Location Brunswick, Maryland

Pronouns NA

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Kara DeBord is a mental health advocate on her Instagram platform (@lowcarbwithkara) where she shares her weight loss journey into maintaining both her physical and mental health. While she is very open to sharing her way of eating, self-love, and goofy moments in her personal life, Kara is passionate about advocating for self-awareness and finding the courage to ask for help if others are struggling. She provides free resources to those who don’t have access to healthcare in her “Anxiety” highlight on Instagram. She is a strong advocate of therapy, which has helped her immensely with her panic and anxiety disorders.

Having left home at a young age due to sexual abuse, Kara discovered that writing was a successful outlet for her to express her feelings as she began to work through her trauma. She was published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff.

While she enjoys spreading positivity within her community and providing any kind of inspiration or guidance to those looking to improve their health, Kara also promotes self-love and believes that the key to a happy life comes from finding happiness and hope within ourselves.

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