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❤️ LGBTQ and ALL ambassador Laura-Rose Thorogood is a mother of two children by IUI and with a third child on the way by IVF. Thorogood speaks on the lack of support and information during the journey with her wife to parenthood. The Lesbian couple are founders of the LGBT Mummies Tribe.❤️


Name Laura-Rose Thorogood

Community Lesbian

Location United Kingdom

Pronouns she/her

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Laura-Rose Thorogood


Laura-Rose Thorogood is a married lesbian mother of two children by IUI through a fertility clinic, & is currently pregnant with their third child on the way by IVF (after TTC during the pandemic & suffering from secondary infertility at the age of 33). Finding a lack of support, information & community when she & her wife started their path to parenthood, they decided to set up an organization to provide just that. She is the Founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe, a global organization that supports LGBT+ women & people on the path to parenthood. She is an LGBT+ Family Activist, Fertility & Mental Health Advocate & Campaigner for Policy Change for LGBT+ families globally. She works directly with the NHS, & other global organizations & the UK Government to improve policies, support & visibility of LGBT+ families on the path to parenthood through pregnancy, birth & general healthcare.

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