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❤️ Max Rigano is an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador who started he/they transition 3 years ago. Rigano touches base on mental health and uses his professional experiences to promote transgender equity and health. Also an animal lover 🐱 🐶


Name Max Rigano

Community Transgender

Location Saint Louis, Missouri

Pronouns he/they

Let's Contact

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Max Rigano (he/they) is a diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate who educates through writing, public speaking, and social media (@kngmaxy). Max uses his training, personal, and professional experiences to promote transgender equity and health, both in and outside of the trans community.

On a monthly basis, he co-hosts Community Conversations, a monthly virtual support space for trans and gender-nonconforming people. Additionally, he volunteers for the Transparent USA.

Max is also a fitness instructor and has been published in Men’s Health Magazine and Bicycling Magazine as the first transgender cycling instructor at Cyclebar

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