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❤️ Sam Gottuso (they/them) is a transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and LGBTQ and ALL ambassador. Gottuso speaks on mental health experiences and how therapy helped overcome the challenges ❤️


Name Sam Gottuso

Community Transgender

Location California

Pronouns they/them/theirs

Let's Contact

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Hi! I’m Sam Gottuso (they/them) and I am trans, non-binary, and genderqueer. I am also hard of hearing, neurodivergent, and a first-generation college student currently enrolled in courses toward my PsyD in couples and family therapy. I love expressing my genderqueerness through my hair which constantly transforms into different shapes and colors.

I am AGAB (assigned “girl” at birth) and throughout most of my life, I faced social pressures to perform gender as a society taught and expected me to. Through experiencing generalized anxiety and multiple instances of depression, I decided to seek help in therapy. This was the most crucial and lifesaving decision I have ever made! It brought me to a path of self-understanding and self-love unlike I have ever known. I recognized that my anxiety and depression stemmed from denying and invalidating my authentic self. Therapy was and has been hard work, but have I kept at it, learning along the way that I am worth it, that my happiness is always worth fighting for. I owe so much personal and relational growth to therapy, which is why I wish to become a therapist myself!

When I learned how to better understand myself and how to communicate with others, I looked toward those who loved me unconditionally (my sisters, community, and partner) to find celebration for my true self and support for my journey. Through this love and support from myself and others, I updated my legal name, gender marker, take testosterone and receive top surgery. As a result, I have grown and found happiness in ways I never believed I would.

Life is rough and it gets better, and it’s both at the same time- life isn’t linear or binary, and neither am I!

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