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❤️ Steph & Katie Burlton are a married lesbian couple and LGBTQ and ALL ambassadors. The creators of Lez See the World is an online community for queer women, creating lifestyle and travel content to share with their fans and also speak on the importance of mental health ❤️


Name Steph & Katie Burlton

Community Lesbian

Location Vancouver, Canada

Pronouns she/her

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Steph & Katie Burlton (she/her) are a married lesbian couple who have been together for more than ten years. They are full-time travelers and creative entrepreneurs from Vancouver, Canada, and they’ve been sharing their life and love online since 2016. They started their business Lez See the World because of the lack of representation of lesbian women in online media. They aim to be visible as a proud same-sex couple to show people that gay women can travel, run a business, own property, and thrive. They create content on Instagram, YouTube, and their own travel and lifestyle blog.

Steph and Katie have built a dedicated online community of queer women and allies. They’ve been featured in Popsugar, Visit Gay USA, and Go Mag, and have partnered with notable brands like Toyota, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Lyft. They were also awarded Runner Up Best Insta-Traveler in 2018 by Gay Cities. They are experts in creative entrepreneurship, photography, videography, modeling, long-term travel, social media strategy, influencer marketing, and digital content creation.

Along with creating content around travel and LGBTQ+ culture, Steph and Katie make an effort to start important conversations around mental health. Having both struggled with their lesbian identities when they were younger, they are aware of the unique challenges that affect the queer community. Above everything, they aim to offer hope and support to people who are having a difficult time accepting themselves.

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