Are Sexual Fantasies Good for You?

Sexual Fantasies
Sexual fantasies can be created by a persons imagination at any stage of life.

It is in human nature to feel the urge for sex. But only the act itself is not all that gives us the feeling of ultimate pleasure. Humans tend to have sexual fantasies. They can be literally anything. A fantasy happens in your head as the brain creates images of things that you want to do. It stirs sexuality and stimulates sexual arousal. Your mind can produce them and anything can inspire them. They can happen anytime. You might wait in line in the supermarket and think about jumping the cashier and fuck them in front of everybody. Or you may be alone in your room, thinking about the teacher that gets on your nerves. You think about all the naughty things you want to do to them. Or you think about your ex and fucking the shit out of them to make them miss you even more.


We can have these sexual fantasies during, before, or after sex. But they are not always connected to the physical act itself. Your brain can be stimulated by various things. Because of it, we can experience them in totally non-sexual situations, like family lunch for example. There isn’t necessarily anything sexual about it. But your mind disagrees. You find yourself thinking about how you would hump your partner on the table in front of his parents. You want to have the wildest fuck and you can’t stop thinking about it. It excites you and you can’t wait to get alone with them and do the thing. But just by thinking about it, your hormones go crazy and you get excited. Your partner might be sitting on the other side of the table and you are going crazy without any physical touch whatsoever.


What Are Sexual Fantasies About?


These fantasies can be universal. They might be things you saw in a porn video or your favorite TV show. Sometimes the unconscious parts of our brain can lead us to think about some things we aren’t even into. Sigmund Freud was well aware of humans’ sexuality and the things that might fire it. He thought that sexual fantasies are important factors in sexual excitement. We should listen to the neurologist and learn how it can improve our mental health. He also analyzed the extremes that include violence that we can reach with these naughty thoughts. But overall, fantasies are natural to all humans and we should learn to embrace them. They can help us enrich our sex life and improve our emotional life.


Think about that family lunch we mentioned. You are eager to go home with your bae and cut through all the bullshit. When you finally get home, you have the most intense fuck. Your mind was preparing you for this and you have been horny throughout the whole meal. But you were unable to express it, so the temptation only rose. And finally, it escalated. Your partner is thrilled to have had such an explosion with you. After crazy sex like that, oxytocin is produced and it reduces your stress and anxiety level. And after that, you both sleep like babies. It might not seem that relevant, but it actually affects your happiness and improves your relationship. Now imagine all this happening a few times a week. It leaves less room for boredom and dissatisfaction.


Making Dreams Come True


Not to mention that sexual fantasies help single individuals as well. The best thing about them is that you can have sex with anyone. And as it is going in your head, nobody has to know about it. You are the main character and you get to control what happens. If you want to bring it to a higher level, you can try practicing lucid dreaming. It is a unique experience where your mind can create any visuals you want. You become the director of your personal porn and anyone can be your partner. That way you can put yourself in a real-like scenario where you pull strings. It is a stimulating situation with no limits. It can be even better than actual fucking. But even with plain daydream fantasies, you can have so much dirty fun.


The storylines can differ. You can become a slutty maid, a horny boss, dirty stepdad, or anything really. You set the limits and you can go wild as you like. With sexual fantasies, we can overcome any taboos or restrictions. Your mind is free and nobody has access to it. You can do anything you like as nobody is stopping you. It is a useful way to reflect and realize what you want. And as many believe in the power of intuition, it can help them call upon a certain person or situation. If you believe in this power, you might have a better chance of turning your fantasy into reality. There isn’t any magic behind it. It is just that the more fantasies you have, your desire grows. It all results in additional confidence that motivates you to make your goals true.


Sexual Fantasies and Masturbation


We all tend to masturbate no matter what our sexual orientation may be- straight, gay, trans, non-binary… Sometimes we need porn to help us reach the wet ending. And sometimes, our imagination is enough. When we practice it, we dig deeper into our sexual desire. We learn more about the things we like. If you have sexual fantasies during your solo time, you are in for something truly beautiful. You stimulate both the mind and the body. It is an all-natural way to make yourself healthier and aware of your sexuality. It is essential to take good care of yourself and the more you explore, the closer you are to a happy life. Your state of mind affects not only your welfare but people around you, especially if you have a partner. Even if you don’t, it will help you with your social life and any romantic interests. So feel free to explore your body and dig deep into the creative possibilities of your magical mind.

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