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Best Adoption Agencies for LGBTQ

Best Adoption Agencies for LGBTQ

Best Adoption Agencies for LGBTQ

Since 2016, it’s illegal to deny same-sex couples the opportunity to adopt. LGBTQ persons can adopt through an adoption agency of their choice, provided they meet the agency’s requirements, such as being legally married. However, this does not mean that all adoption agencies are LGBTQ- friendly.

What Is An LGBTQ Adoption Agency?

LGBTQ adoption agencies are professionals that are LGBTQ allies, happy to help same-sex couple expand their families through adoption, and with experience of assisting LGBTQ people adopt in the past successfully.

To determine whether a specific adoption agency is LGBTQ-friendly, you’ll need to look into their language. Is it inclusive? If the agency has posted profiles of successful adoptive families, how many of them are LGBTQ members? You may also want to ask LGBTQ- related questions such as:

  • How many LGBTQ couples have you successfully worked with?
  • Do you offer support and counseling for LGBTQ parents?
  • Is the waiting time for LGBTQ people the same as for heterosexuals?

Remember, although some adoption agencies can complete an adoption process for you, some aren’t prepared to complete the process successfully. Therefore, using an LGBTQ-ally adoption agency is a smart move that will guarantee you a smooth adoption process.

What Types Of Adoption Can LGBTQ Adoption Agency Offer?

LGBTQ adoption agencies can offer any adoption you want, such as:

  • Adult adoption
  • Relative adoption
  • International adoption
  • Domestic adoption
  • Embryo adoption
  • Special needs adoption
  • Adoption from foster care

Most LGBTQ adoption agencies are also experts in second-parent adoption. This is a common type of adoption for LGBTQ individuals. If a couple did not apply for joint adoption or one partner came into the relationship with a child, it’s important to apply for second-parent adoption if you want to be a legal parent to the child.

Are They Expensive?

The cost of adoption through an LGBTQ adoption agency depends on the services you want, in this case, the type of adoption you choose. For instance, a private domestic adoption can vary from $20,000 to 50,000. However, if you decide to adopt from foster care, it is much cheaper since it can cost you nothing.

It’s important to know that the cost of adoption through LBGTQ adoption agencies should not be high just because they work with same-sex individuals. The cost should reflect on services and not whether a person is straight or gay.

Pros and Cons of Using LGBTQ Adoption Options

The pros and cons of using an LGBTQ adoption agency are the same as with any other agency. The advantages and disadvantages of adoption in LGBTQ people are more or less the same as for heterosexual couples. The benefits of adoption include:

  • A chance to have an open relationship with the child’s biological parents
  • An opportunity to share your lives with a child
  • A chance to offer a good life to a child
  • However, same-sex adoption may face challenges such as:
  • Prejudice from close people regardless of the type of adoption you choose
  • In some countries, same-sex couples are denied to adopt from outside the country

Unfortunately, discrimination against the LGBTQ community is present in every institution, but, remember, same-sex parenting does not negatively impact the child.

Examples of LGBTQ-friendly Agencies

As earlier mentioned, if you are an LGBTQ person and want to adopt, you should work with an LGBTQ-friendly adoption agency. This will erase chances of discrimination and cases of being offered a child with special needs who you might not be able to look after. Here are some examples of agencies that work with the LGBTQ community:

  • Angel Adoption
  • American Adoptions
  • Adoptions Together
  • Lifelong Adoptions
  • Family to Family Adoptions

You can also visit Human Rights Campaign websites for more LGBTQ-friendly adoption agencies.

Final thoughts

Adoption means providing home, family, care, love, and support to a child or a youth that needs it the most. Some heterosexuals do not deserve these kids, yet they are prioritized over some LGBTQ individuals who are capable and deserve the opportunity. If someone meets the requirements for adoption, they should be given a chance to be parents regardless of their sexual orientation.

Whether an adoption agency is happy to work with LGBTQ individuals or not, they should not discriminate against people over their personalities or sexuality. As we keep on repeating, same-sex parenting does not harm a child.

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