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Better Ways to Reset Your Body and Mind

Reset Your Body and Mind

Better Ways to Reset Your Body and Mind

After a long vacation during the summer or holiday seasons, it’s definitely the right time to reset your body and mind. You need to restore, rebalance, and reset your body and mind for the sake of your physical and mental well-being. There is no joy when you are laden with toxins. When you feel stiff and foggy, it’s time to press the reset button. Anyway, who wants to spend their days feeling heavy and congested?

On this page, you are provided with better ways for resetting your body and mind. Remember that it isn’t a must to do all of them, but seven days of your favorite ones will get you back to track.

How to Reset Your Body

A well-cared-for body means a happier life. Taking good care of your body prevents illnesses and stress and gives you the needed energy. Here are some tips on how to reset your body.

Exercise Daily

Everyone knows that exercise does wonders for our bodies. From ensuring that you stay fit to muscle building to enhancing your body shape. Exercise also reduces stress, removes toxins, and gives you energy. If you are a starter in the field of exercise, start by walking around your neighborhood. Start with 10 minutes if you can’t handle more, then increase the time as you get used to it. Little by little, increase the minutes until you hit a 30 minutes mark. Daily exercise will ensure that your body is reset to a healthier one.

Make Fruits and Vegetables Your Closest Friend

Fruits and vegetables are essential for both physical and mental health. Increase vegetable and fruit intake, especially if you had some additional junk food on your food during the “happy” season. Fruit and vegetables are rich in minerals, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and are inflammatory reducers. They have the ability to fight diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer. Fruits and vegetables are also good in increasing energy hence resetting your body.

How to Reset Your Body – Drink Enough Water

Water is a precious thing in ensuring that we stay healthy. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to keep your body hydrated. However, this depends on your size and occupation.

For athletes who are usually on the go, they will definitely need more water. You should drink a large glass of water in the morning after waking up and drink more regularly during the day. Water is vital in resetting your body.

It acts as a lubricant for your spinal cord, joints, and protects your tissues and muscles. Water also regulates your body temperature, enhances blood-oxygen circulation, flushes out waste and toxins, helps in saliva production, promotes weight loss, helps with digestion, promotes glowing skin, and ensures that your brain is functioning well. Our bodies are made of 60% water. The more water you take, the more you reset your body. If you find your water to be bland, you can add lemon or lime. You can also add some strawberries or blueberries for an extra treat.

Detoxify Your Body

It’s a good thing to reset your body so that you can start the next season with the right foot. Time and again, we find ourselves falling into the temptation of indulging in processed food. Therefore, a detox is the better option for getting rid of the toxins in our bodies.

Besides, detoxing should not be a hard thing. You can have a sweet and delicious detox of a 3-5 day fruit and vegetable smoothie. Detoxing gets rid of the toxins that may cause diseases, helps you shed some weight, and enhances your energy.

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Get Enough Sleep

It’s estimated that 50-70 million Americans do not get enough sleep. These statistics are alarming. How well you sleep determines how productive you will be. Better sleep is vital for your brain function since it’s when you are asleep that your brain removes waste that may lead to neurodegenerative diseases, reduces mental problems, and increases cognitive ability. When you have enough uninterrupted sleep, you are bound to think clearly and feel better. It’s recommended that you sleep for 7-9 hours each night to be more productive the next day.

How To Reset Your Mind

Your mind needs to be free from stress to function well. This is how you can reset your mind.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is one of the most effective ways of calming your mind. Meditation controls anxiety enhances attention span, reduces stress, and expands self-awareness. Even a 5 minutes meditation still has benefits for your well-being.

While meditating, you need to be in a quiet room. While seated, concentrate your mind on something that cools your mind. At first, your mind could wander, but that’s okay. Continue focusing and be patient with yourself. With time you will get used to it and benefit from it. Repeat this daily to reset your mind and stay calmer.

Think Positively

You need to stay positive to be in a better mood. Positivity reduces stress, enhances happiness, and healing. You should be aware of your thoughts. When you worry too much, you tend to suffer from mental challenges such as stress and anxiety. Choose to concentrate on things that make you happy and what you have achieved so far. Do not listen to your inner critic, but seek professional advice if it’s hard for you to be happy.

How to Rest Your Mind – One Thing at a Time

We live in a busy world. This makes us multitask. But did you know that your brain works better when you focus on one thing at a time? Multitasking increases stress and hinders your brain from working to its full potential. When multitasking, the level of concentration is low hence decreasing your productivity. Ensure that you concentrate and do one thing at a time to reach your target. By reducing stress, your mind automatically resets, leaving you with fewer worries on the table.

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