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Biggest Pride 2023 Celebrations: Part I

Biggest Pride 2023 Celebrations: Part I

Biggest Pride 2023 Celebrations: Part I

Celebrating Pride 2023 is essential for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated every year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots and aims to achieve equal justice and opportunity for the queer community. However, many cities feature Pride events at different points of the summer or even the year. Pride matters because everyone should feel comfortable and safe being their authentic selves no matter where they are. In addition, Pride raises awareness, celebrates queer culture, shows LGBTQ+ youth that they have a community and hope for a future, embraces diversity, and allows LGBTQ+ families and people to be visible in large groups. 

This article will outline all the biggest Pride 2023 celebrations worldwide and what you can expect. 

Copenhagen Pride Parade 2023

Parade: August 19, 2023

Copenhagen Pride will host their annual Pride event to celebrate equality and diversity. The event will last for a week. It will also start with an opening ceremony on Ophelia Square on August 19 and congregate on City Hall Square. This location is right in the center of Copenhagen and is an expansive village for participants to gather. 

Madrid Pride Parade 2023

Dates: June 23rd-July 2, 2023

Parade: July 1, 2023

MADO (Madrid Pride) will kick off their event with a week-long party featuring open-air concerts, parties, art, culture, and sports, in Chueca: Madrid’s well-known gayborhood located in the city center. The Parade is anticipated to have over 2 million attendees.

The Parade starts at Atocha Station and finishes at Plaza de Colón. At the Plaza, a massive crowd and stage will welcome attendees with music, dancing, and an aloud reading of the Manifesto of Freedom, Inclusion, and Diversity.

New York City Pride and Parade 2023

Date: June 2023 (entire month)

Parade: June 26, 2023

This event will be 30 days, feature 50+ events, and is expected to have 3 million people. The event’s nonprofit, Heritage of Pride, is planning and producing New York’s first and only official LGBTQ+ Pride events to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

The NYC Pride march will start at 26th Street & 5th Ave and end at 23rd Street & 7th Ave.

Paris Pride Parade 2023

Parade: June 24, 2023

The event will take place at Le Marais, Paris’ gay district, for an entire week of parties ending with a huge event: Marche des Fiertés LGBTQ (Paris Gay Pride Parade). This event is a historic one for the Paris community, originating in the 80s when various locals from the community united over fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.

The procession begins at Place de la Concorde (in front of the National Assembly) at 2 pm, goes through Châtelet, Le Marais, Pont de Sully, and Bastille, and then concludes with a free party at Place de la République.

Berlin Pride Parade 2023

Parade: July 20, 2023

Berlin Pride is one of the year’s most significant European Pride events. Known as CSD (Christopher Street Day), this event has been celebrated in Berlin since 1979. About 40 years later, over one million people gather yearly to celebrate LGBTQ+ equality in Germany. Attendees of this event will enjoy official club nights in Kreuzberg, queer film screenings, and more. 

On the Saturday, the Parade leaves at 12 pm at Kurfürstendamm and ends at 14:00 at Brandenburger Tor. For nightlife celebrations, there will be a massive Pride party to close the night and finish the CSD celebrations.

Amsterdam Pride Parade 2023

Pride: July 29th – August 6th, 2023

Parade: July 29, 2023

Amsterdam Pride features Pride events. For instance, you can find street parties all weekend and the popular Canal Parade through the historic Amsterdam Unesco canals.

The boats will take off at the Scheepvaart museum in the city center, heading towards the Amstel River. The floats will continue from that location and take the Prinsengracht to the Westerdok. The Canal Parade begins around 12:30 pm and lasts until late afternoon.

WorldPride Montréal 2023

Pride: August 3 – August 13, 2023

Parade: TBA

Created in 2007 by Montréal’s LGBTQ+ communities, Montréal Pride Festival (Festival Fierté Montréal ) is the biggest Francophone Pride gathering worldwide. The group’s main goal is to “support and promote local communities while serving as a beacon of hope for people around the world who continue to battle injustice.” In 2023, Montréal Pride Festival will bring in more than 2 million local and international attendees over two weeks of activities like free shows, panels, and the Parade, making it one of the most significant and diverse events in Montreal. 

The 2.7 km route for the Parade will “symbolically link the old and the new,” starting from the previous west end neighborhood to the center of the new Gay Village. More specifically, it will start at Metcalfe Street and end on Alexandre-DeSève Street.

Taipei Pride Parade 2023

Pride: October 22- October 29, 2023

Parade: October 28, 2023

Pride is the most significant LGBTQ+ event in Taiwan and features the Taipei Gay Pride Parade, having more than 80,000 people worldwide in attendance over four days. The Parade will start at Kaidagelan Blvd and go through Taipei’s streets before returning to the Gay Village for a massive party. It will then move through the streets and end up where the event started. The Gay Pride Parade has three different routes ending up at the Gay Village and lasts about two hours.

Buenos Aires Pride Parade 2023

Pride: October 27 – November 4, 2023

Parade: TBA

Buenos Aires hosts its enormous celebration of diversity at the end of October/early November, featuring a week of LGBTQ+ celebrations and the annual Pride parade. Events can be found at many venues throughout the city, ending with the Parade that goes along the city’s most iconic avenue, Avenida de Mayo, from the Casa Rosada (“pink house”). This location is the headquarters for the Argentine national government located in Plaza de Mayo to the National Congress building. In addition, the event will continue outside the Congress, where there will be speeches, music, and dancing, lasting into the evening and continuing in buses, trains, bars, and nightclubs.


At LGBTQ and All, we look forward to all the worldwide celebrations that embrace Pride. We believe Pride events are necessary for LGBTQ+ people and allies to celebrate the community and be visible. Be sure to refer to our lifestyle guide for more information about Pride 2023 and what you can expect to find. We will provide all the necessary details so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

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