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Check Out Netflix’s “The Gay Agenda” Podcast

the gay agenda

Check Out Netflix’s “The Gay Agenda” Podcast

Netflix has recently launched “The Gay Agenda” podcast on January 10, 2022. This program is a new podcast that gives a look into the lives of LGBTQ+ creatives at the top of their fields across a variety of industries.

The podcast is co-hosted by lesbian actress and singer/songwriter Jasmin Savoy Brown (one of the stars of the popular queer series “Yellowjackets” series and upcoming “Scream” reboot) and non-binary actor, comic, and playwright Liv Hewson (also a co-star on “Yellowjackets”). On their podcast, Brown and Hewson interview LGBTQ+ trailblazers within the community.

Does Netflix Have Podcasts?

Netflix has been moving into the audio space more and more. “The Gay Agenda” is the company’s first LGBTQ+ podcast. It is produced by Most, Netflix’s banner for LGBTQ+ storytelling. Brown is also a producer of the show.

Currently, Netflix has launched over 40 podcasts since it got its audio start in 2018. Some of these podcasts include “Okay, Now Listen,” a podcast that focuses on “Black joy” and “Strong Black Legends,” which celebrates the best of Black Hollywood, and “You Can’t Make This Up,” a companion series to the extensive amount of true-crime series on Netflix.

According to Gabrielle Korn, Netflix editorial and publishing manager for Most: “With our first foray into the podcast space, Most is entering a new era — one where the gay agenda continues to expand into all corners of our audience’s lives, making it easier and more fun than ever to discover Netflix’s LGBTQ+ talent, titles, and storytelling. “I love this podcast so much; it’s truly a joy to listen to, and I hope it brings that same joy to our followers.”

What is The Gay Agenda Podcast like?

The inaugural season features 45-minute episodes released consecutively over an eight-week period. The first episode has nonbinary actor Bex Taylor-Klaus (“Arrow,” “The Killing”) as a guest. The episode’s official description is as follows: “the episode dives into their love of Shakespeare and Tegan and Sara, softball and growing up queer and Jewish in the South.”
The following episode was released on January 17 and welcomed director, writer, actor Natalie Morales (“Language Lessons”). They talked about the various queer characters they have all portrayed in their careers.

Some other guests that will appear on the show include Ally Beardsley (“CollegeHumor Originals”), Javicia Leslie (“Batwoman”), comedian Caleb Hearon, author Carmen Maria Machado, Leo Sheng (“The L Word: Generation Q”), and Fortune Feimster (“The Mindy Project”).

Here is what Savoy had to say about the project:

“I’m proud of ‘The Gay Agenda. It’s joyful, it’s inquisitive, it’s welcoming. I think it’s a real reflection of the LGBTQ+ community and I hope our listeners feel the same. Interviewing guests this season made me a better person. Hearing people’s unique stories and perspectives on life and happiness was a learning experience and I don’t take that for granted.”

Hewson added:

“The first item on ‘The Gay Agenda’ is, of course, for our guests to have fun and be themselves. There’s room for all of it, for connection and healing and for irreverence and silliness. it’s serious and it isn’t. We contain multitudes! Part of the impetus behind this podcast was creating a space to talk about being LGBTQ in entertainment that centered on something other than pain. The pain is there of course, but the joy is too! We want to live in joy.”

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