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Clinic Spotlight: Rise Beyond Trauma Counseling

Clinic Spotlight: Rise Beyond Trauma Counseling - Jennifer Piponniau, LCSW

Clinic Spotlight: Rise Beyond Trauma Counseling

This article features one of our verified clinics, Rise Beyond Trauma Counseling, located in the Greater Los Angeles, California area. 

Rise Beyond Trauma is a pair of psychotherapists specializing in trauma-focused therapy that integrates the mind-body connection. They base their philosophy on one of their favorite therapists, Rollo May, who wrote: “The true counselor seeks to understand people from the standpoint of appreciation…it is like inviting the traveler in from a snowy and chilly journey to sit for an hour before the fire.” 

They also aim to provide a warm, non-judgmental presence with the curiosity and tools that can free a person of what they think they “should” be to be accepted and loved. The therapists at Rise Beyond Trauma recognize there is nothing more comforting than genuinely being seen by another person. 

Mental Health in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the worst cities in the United States for poor mental health outcomes. 

According to a recent study on people’s mental health across the United States, Los Angeles is the fifth-worst city for overall mental health (L.A. scored 7.5 out of 100).

Even though it’s difficult to determine why people from Los Angeles have such bad mental health outcomes compared to the residents of other U.S. cities, a couple of crucial pieces of insight may provide some ideas:

High Rates of Depression 

Los Angeles has some of the highest rates of depression in the United States, with about 30% of individuals reporting that they feel depressed. The only other cities in the country with higher rates of depression include Phoenix, Las Vegas, Fresno, Oklahoma City, Tucson, and Fort Worth.

High Percentages of Suicidal Thoughts 

Los Angeles has an increased percentage of suicidal thoughts for their residents. In fact, L.A. inhabitants have the highest rates of suicidal thoughts in the nation, with 5% admitting to “having thoughts that they would be better off dead.”

Feelings of Exhaustion

Los Angeles locals report feeling “consistently tired” or “having low energy.” In addition, more than half of L.A. residents feel this way. These numbers could provide an explanation for the city’s high depression rates, as there are well-established links between poor sleep quality, depression, and anxiety.

If you are curious about other aspects of Los Angeles, read our guide here.

Rise Beyond Trauma: Their Treatment Focus

Since so many people are struggling with mental health help in Los Angeles, Rise Beyond Trauma can help. Their goal is to help clients build insight into those patterns and develop interpersonal skills to meet their needs. They also help clients connect with their intuition, trust their gut with confidence, and cultivate deep and meaningful bonds essential for a happy human experience. Their counseling services also aim to help clients develop feelings of safety in vulnerability and connection. 

Their Patient Promise

No matter what brings a person to therapy, curiosity, and empathy are their priorities, going at the most comfortable pace for the person. They work in the here and now to stay mindful of the experience of both the mind and the body, bringing integrated healing to both. They also promise to be there for their clients every step of your journey, and their goal is to help them grow from their struggles, heal from pain, and move forward to where they want to be in their life. 

Payment Options Available

Rise Beyond Trauma includes the following payment options:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card

Service Portfolio Available

Rise Beyond Trauma offers the following types of therapies: 

What Languages are Spoken at Rise Beyond Trauma

Both therapists offer therapeutic treatment in English. 

Therapists at Rise Beyond Trauma 

Jennifer Piponniau, LCSW – She/Her/Hers

Jennifer Piponniau is a clinical social worker passionate about supporting survivors of trauma to discover their best, empowered selves. She is a career-changer who transitioned from filmmaker to therapist to help others find purpose and healing in their lives. In addition, she also follows her inner voice that urges her to contribute to the world in a more purposeful, genuine way. 

She enjoys working with adults of all ages and cultures, exploring topics like anxiety and self-esteem, sexual empowerment, coping with sexual trauma, domestic violence, and cultivating self-compassion. In addition, she believes we all must learn to just be, to love ourselves unconditionally, irrespective of our accomplishments.

She provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ identified individuals and people in all forms of relationships and brings a sex-positive lens to therapy. 

Lee Breitenbach, LCSW – He/Him/His

Lee Breitenbach is a licensed clinical social worker, currenlty working for the Department of State Hospitals. In that setting, he creates and leads training in trauma-informed care to promote a culture of empathy and compassion in a system long overdue for such a change. Although he is dedicated to transforming organizational culture, he is equally passionate as a therapist in helping individuals develop self-empowerment, guiding exploration of childhood circumstances, and identifying links between learned expectations and behavior.

Throughout his sixteen years of experience, he has focused on treating those suffering from addiction, personality disorders, and trauma-related issues. He is also driven to provide clients with a challenging yet safe space to motivate growth and change.

He is an LGBTQ+ allied therapist and allied with those in polyamorous/open relationships. 


At LGBTQ and All, we are thrilled to have Rise Beyond Trauma as part of our mental health database. If you are located in the Los Angeles area and looking for mental health help, be sure to check them out

If you are looking for mental health help in other areas, be sure to navigate our extensive listings and database

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