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Finding Sexology Services in Berlin, Germany

Finding Sexology Services in Berlin, Germany

Finding Sexology Services in Berlin, Germany

Sexology is an evolving field that can help people cope with issues impacting their sexual lives. Did you know that our services at LGBTQ and ALL can connect you with a qualified sexologist? Two qualified businesses based in Berlin, Germany, recently signed up for our listings to grow their companies. This article will provide some background and fun facts about Berlin and how you can contact a sexologist in Germany. 

Berlin, Germany 

Berlin, Germany LGBTQ+ Facts

Berlin is one of the most open, accepting, and tolerant cities worldwide. This city is renowned for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene.

In Berlin, you can find various gay bars, gay clubs, and parties. There is also a queer cinema programme, an LGBTQ+ museum, and many queer events. 

Every summer, Pride Week takes place and features many activities and events. One of the best highlights is the annual CSD Berlin, where the streets of Berlin are home to demonstrations for equal rights and celebrations for the community.

Mental Health in Berlin, Germany

Statistics from the German Association for , Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatics report that about 28% of Germany’s adult population currently has a mental health condition (as of 2023). This number is equal to 17.8 million people. However, only 18.9% of people struggling with mental health in Germany will seek help from service providers.

Top Features

Berlin is the capital of Germany, with a history dating back to the 13th century. The city is known for its tumultuous 20th-century history and commemorates it with the Holocaust memorial and the graffiti remaining on the Berlin Wall. In addition, another famous site is the 18th-century Brandenburg Gate, which has become a symbol of reunification. The city is also has a notable art scene and modern landmarks like the Berliner Philharmonie.


  1. Berlin is nine times larger in size than Paris.
  2. You can find the most extended open-air gallery in the world in Berlin. 
  3. Berlin’s East Side Gallery is 1,316 meters long and features over 100 murals from artists all over the globe.
  4. Berlin has more museums than it has rainy days. For example, there are 180 museums in this city and an average of 106 rainy days. 
  5. The most visited Zoo in Europe is in Berlin, the Berlin Zoo. This zoo is home to 20,000 animals and 1,300 species on 82 acres. 
  6. About 950 Döner spits are eaten every day in Berlin. 


The history of Berlin is extensive but is known for beginning in the 13th century when the city was founded. In 1417, it became the capital of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, then the Brandenburg-Prussia, and the Kingdom of Prussia. Prussia expanded quickly in the 18th and 19th centuries, creating the basis of the German Empire. This Empire survived until 1918 when it was defeated in World War I.

After 1900, Berlin became a renowned world city, playing a significant part in leadership roles in science, the humanities, higher education, music, museums, government, diplomacy, and the military. It also was a significant player in the manufacturing and finance industries.

During the Second World War, bombing, artillery, and ferocious street-by-street fighting demolished significant parts of Berlin. This city was also divided between the four major Allied powers. Then, over four decades, Berlin was involved in the Cold War confrontation between the West and East. 

One of the most notable pieces of history in Berlin was the Berlin Wall. From 1961 to 1989, The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer in German) was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided the city. The Berlin Wall cut off West Berlin from East Germany, including East Berlin.

In 1990, there was reunification with Germany, and once again, Berlin became the capital and a major world city.

In 2019, the population of Berlin was 3.645 million people. 

Sexology Services in Germany

What is sexology? 

Sexology is a type of science that analyzes human sexuality and behavior. According to Britannica, “sexology is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on diverse aspects of human sexual behaviour and sexuality, including sexual development, relationships, intercourse, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, and pathologies such as child sexual abuse or sexual addiction.”

Anyone who practices this field to assist with mental health is referred to as a sexologist. Since it is studied in a clinical and scientific setting, clinical sexologists are qualified professionals. 

There is a common misconception that sexologists are the same as sex therapists. However, these two fields are different. In other words, sexologists can become sex therapists who speak to patients about any issues but may choose a different career path with their sexology background. Basically, sexology is a broader term for researching human behavior and changes in public policies, activism, and education. You can find out more about this field in our article, What is Sexology? ( 

Where Can You Find Sexology Services in Berlin?

Now that you know a bit about sexology and what this field is all about, if you think it would benefit you, a couple of providers in Berlin, Germany, can help. These providers include: 

Agata Slezak in Berlin, Germany

Agata Slezak is a Clinical Psychologist licensed by Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen in Berlin. 

She has been certified as a Psychotherapist, Sexologist, and Couples Therapist in Germany, with an educational background from international schools in Poland, England, the USA, and Germany.

Agata has also completed various internships to increase her qualifications and has attended several workshops. In 2016, she started working as a clinical psychologist in a hospital setting. Her clinical work experience include:

  • Treatment of Alcohol and drug abuse in a Hospital setting
  • Mental health care clinic
  • Psychological Care for children and Adolescents in a Hospital setting
  • Adult Psychiatry & Psychogeriatric Hospital
  • Pediatric Oncohaematology Hospital

Carolien Gibb in Berlin, Germany

The Sexual Health Centre in Potchefstroom contains a multidisciplinary team of Sexologists and Pharmacists who treat all types of sexuality, relationship, and sexual concerns.

Carolien Gibb is a Certified Sexologist and licensed marriage & family therapist (LMFT) with a degree in Sexology. She specializes in working as a couples and sex therapist with sexual dysfunctions and disorders. She is also involved with the International Society for Sexual Medicine and always stays up-to-date on the latest contributions regarding sexuality and desire technologies. As a sexologist, she can work directly with couples, individuals, or families in sexual health and behaviors.

Carolien is exceptionally skilled and equipped in working with sexual laws, acts, public policy, and with activist groups regarding legalizing sexual-related issues, including sex work and LGBTQ+ rights. In addition, she is devoted to improving general sexual-related laws by developing a better understanding of sexual education and consensual sex.

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