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How to Detach from Your Phone

detach from your phone

How to Detach from Your Phone

Do you wonder how to detach from your phone? You have come to the right post.

Most individuals check their phones every 15 minutes or less, with average ones checking their phones 110 times a day. We can all agree that the world is evolving, and everything is becoming digital. But do we really need to spend a lot of time on our phones? That’s a question that every individual should ask themselves.

My take is, if you are not working from your smartphone, you can check on it when need be. However, for those who rely on their phones as their working stations, you can as well consider doing so moderately.

For instance, if you are working from your smartphone, keep a schedule on what time you need to check on notifications and answer emails. Avoid using your phone as a distraction since it may lead to addiction. Instead of using lots of time charting or gaming, use that time as quality family time or go for a walk. For more tips on how to detach from your phone, continue reading.

Do Not Use Your Phone as an Alarm

After watching a whopping 10 episodes of your favorite series, you’ll definitely need an alarm to avoid waking up late. In this case, most people use their phones as alarms. When you use your phone as an alarm, I bet that you won’t be able to put it down before checking one or two things. Unfortunately, when you do so, you already become tech overloaded before stepping out of your bed. If you are looking forward to detaching from your phone, avoid waking up with it in your hands.

Detach from Your Phone – Do Away With the Excess Apps

With a smartphone in your hand, accessing any app is just a swipe away. For instance, it’s hard for Facebook enthusiasts to keep their eyes away from their phones. They keep on checking on notifications even when there aren’t any. With this habit, you may become a Facebook addict, leading to negligence of other important things.

Though some apps such as Facebook are important in keeping you in the know, avoid using them too much. You can as well delete apps that are not important to you to avoid checking your phone for unnecessary things.

Keep Yourself on a Schedule

The key point to detaching from your phone is by setting alarms on when to check it. Those who can’t stay for long without checking emails and notifications can start within 15 minutes without checking them. After achieving 15 minutes, you can upgrade to 30 minutes and then one hour.

When the specified time is up, take one or two minutes to check on your notification and then wait until it’s time to do so again. To avoid misunderstandings or response anxiety, inform your loved ones that you will not be checking on your phone as often as you did.

Detach from Your Phone – Keep Your Smartphone from Your Desk

According to a recent study by Harvard, even if your phone is lying facing down on your desk, it can still destruct you. While concentrating on your work, try keeping your phone in a drawer or in a bag to avoid distraction. You can as well choose to keep it in a different room.

Remember, you can only solve a problem using your IQ when you are not in the same room with your phone.

Do not Bring Your Smartphone into Your Bedroom

Taking your phone into the bedroom means a final check on your phone while in bed and a first check before getting off the bed. This is a very dangerous move since you are bound to sleep with lots of stuff from social media in your mind and to wake up with your phone in your hands.

Remember, to be productive, you need uninterrupted sleep, which can only be achieved with your phone away from your reach throughout the night. Use your bedroom as a resting place. You can check on your phone in the morning after breakfast.

Detach from Your Phone – 30 Minute After

As stated, do not bring your phone to your bedroom. But, this does not mean that you should check on it immediately after stepping out of bed; NO. After waking up, prioritize other things first. For example, after showering and breakfast, take notes and plan your day. Once you are done, you can now go ahead and check your phone. This step is the best in ensuring that you detach from your phone.

Meal Time Is Meal Time

If you really want to detach yourself from your phone, avoid having it on the meal table. The thing is, your phone should not distract you from sharing quality time with your loved ones. If you can specify what time to be on your phone and time to do other things, you are heading in the right direction as far as detaching from the phone is concerned. Again, mealtime is connecting time and nothing more.

Turn Off Emails for Some Time

This one might be tricky since you do not want to miss an important email. However, you can turn your emails off on weekends. When you turn off your emails for some time, you can have some time to relax and reconnect with friends and family. Remember, you need some time off work to be more reproductive and relaxed.

Detach from Your Phone –  Final Thought

Technology has indeed made things easier. For instance, with your smartphone, reaching out to a person who is a hundred thousand miles is a tap away. You can also stay informed through these devices. However, spending too much time on your phone is harmful to your health and relationships. Ensure that you only check on your phone when necessary to have time for other important things.

For example, family time should not be destructed by unimportant notifications. Besides, you do not want to hurt your eyes from your smartphone’s light. To avoid this, ensure that you stay away from your phone as much as possible.

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