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How to Know What You Want In Life

Know What You Want

How to Know What You Want In Life

Have you ever met someone in their mid-40s, but they still say they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up? Or maybe you, too, don’t know what you want in life? You are not alone. Lots of people live their lives without any idea of what they want. They do what they are expected to do instead of what makes them happy.

It’s not fun to live your whole life fulfilling the community’s expectations, especially knowing that you only have one life to live. Everyone should make the most out of their lives by doing things that matter and make them happy. If you are unaware of what you need in life, you are among millions since many people go about their lives without a quest.

How to Know What You Want in Life

If you are done living your life aimlessly, follow the following steps to help you realize what you want in life.

Figure Out What You Need

Take some time to figure out what you need the most. Is it financial stability, freedom of expression, family, or love? Though sometimes it’s hard to know what you need in life, assessing yourself is essential and may help. By evaluating yourself, you know exactly which aspect of your life requires your full attention and what’s keeping you from living the life you want. After figuring out what you want, list your priorities and consider the legacy you will leave behind.

Put Yourself First

It’s challenging to know what you want in your life if you keep sacrificing your time and dreams for other people. Sometimes you need to be selfish and concentrate on your life instead of prioritizing others. For example, if you are not too busy with your work or doing stuff for other people, where or what could you be doing? It’s not a bad idea to keep yourself first because if you won’t, no one will.

Figure Out What Bothers You

You can only know what you want by identifying what bothers you. Figure out specific aspects of your life that upsets you. For instance, if you are bothered by your job, pinpoint what you don’t like about your job. Is it your boss, workload, or is it that you are not passionate about your job? Would you like to fix it, or would you quit it and do something you are passionate about?

Do Not Regret

It’s your life, and you have every right to dictate what to do with it. It’s time to live your life as you would love it. Constant regret of what you did or didn’t in the past makes it difficult to move forward. If putting yourself first makes you happy and fulfilled, you have no apologies. Live your life to the fullest.

Figure Out What Makes You Happy

If you are happy with your life, live it to the fullest. Your happiness is the anchor to your desires. Therefore, you need some time to figure out what makes you happy. Do you like traveling? Or spending some quality time with your family? Once you know what makes you happy, you’ll know what to do to make your life worth living.

Stay Positive

Though you might know what you need in life, sometimes life plans some tricks on us. However, do not feel discouraged; instead, take control. Instead of panicking, stay focused and take your life back to track. Believe that you will make it despite the challenges you face on your way. A positive attitude may be all you need to keep you moving towards what you want in life.

Be Happy about What You’ve Achieved

Concentrate on what you’ve achieved so far. How did you feel about your accomplishments? Did you like the feeling? Then be happy that you’ve accomplished something. For example, if you once taught some skills to someone and now that person made it in life due to what they learned from you, you should be happy and know that your happiness might be in teaching.

Figure Out Your Role Models

Follow the footsteps of people you admire in life. What makes you admire them? Why do you think they deserve your respect? What can you learn from them? Do not waste a minute thinking about people who drag you behind. Go online and search about people you admire and what they did or are doing to be where they are.

Figure Out What You Are Willing To Sacrifice To Get What You Want

Outstanding achievements do not come easily. If you want to be great in life, you must be willing to sacrifice some things. This means working for extra hours and getting out of your comfort zone. The question is, are you ready to quit your current job to start that business you are passionate about? Are you willing to terminate your contract to jump into working online? It might feel crazy initially, but sometime after you start reaping the fruits of your bravery, you will sit back and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.

Talk To People You Trust about What You Want To Achieve

Some trusted loved ones could help you realize your dreams. Therefore, don’t lock everyone outside your plans. For example, most mothers are proud of their children’s achievements, and so does spouses and some siblings. If you trust anyone and you feel they can help you realize your dreams, go on and include them in your plans. You might need someone to tell you what to do next to realize your dreams.

Know What You Want – Bottom Line

Life is hard by itself, but living your life without knowing what you want or realizing your dreams will only make it harder. If you are currently leading an aimless life, the point is not to give up on exploring what can fulfill your life. Remember, you are the only one who can determine the kind of life you will live, and you are capable of living the life that you desire.

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