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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

Managing anxiety during Covid-19 is natural and stressful- You're not alone.

Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on our lives. Here we look at the top tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19.

From the healthcare personnel who risk their lives to save the patients to employees who have lost employment, most people are going through tough times.  Besides, the measures put in place to reduce the spread of this virus, such as social distancing, have made most of us stressed and anxious.

Also, the constant fears about COVID-19 have made some life with anxiety disorders. However, note that you are not alone, and you will emerge from this pandemic victorious. You are powerful, and the tips below will help you cope with the challenging times. So, what should you do to deal with anxiety in this COVID-19 era?

Top Tips for Managing Anxiety during COVID-19 


Acknowledge the Anxiety   

During this period, the worst you can do is ignore your concerns or over-worry about them. Though it’s normal for this to occur, you should also think of getting mild COVID-19 symptoms that are not life-threatening. Each morning, give yourself 15 minutes to reflect on the virus and its impact on your life. 

It would be best to write or verbalize your feelings in your diary or notebook. After this period, rest throughout the day and focus on other daily activities. But if the thoughts recur, then don’t try to avoid them; instead, know that you have tomorrow to focus on. 

Since anxiety makes us think of the worst-case scenarios, you should focus on the things you control. Learn more about the disease from the ministry of health and other reliable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO)

Cut Down on Misleading Information and Unhelpful Media

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the media can be your worst enemy when dealing with anxiety. You will see sad stories that could increase your worries and make the myths, uncertainty, and rumors about the virus seem true.

The more you learn about the pandemic, the more you will be scared about it. Therefore, it will be hard for you to distract yourself or stop thinking about coronavirus. Therefore, limit your exposure to social and mainstream media, especially when you are dealing with anxiety.

Managing Anxiety – Have Enough Sleep Can

Though making your sleep a priority seems a daunting task, it’s essential for your well-being. Anxiety can affect your sleep, and other factors such as caffeine or nicotine contribute to a lack of sleep.

Don’t drink excess caffeine, and avoid alcohol to ensure you rest well at night. Instead, opt for other relaxing activities such as studying, journaling, and listening to slow, quiet music to give your brain much-needed rest.

Managing Anxiety – Get Support

Though you should adhere to social distancing during the pandemic, seeking some support from friends and family can help you deal with anxiety. Remain connected with them and join peer-support groups either online or face-to-face.

The community boasts of many resources which could help you deal with anxiety and depression. The two are common, and counselors and support groups always reach out to those in need of help. 

When you share your worries with others, then it will make a difference in your home. This way, you will feel less lonely or isolated. 


Adhere to Your Daily Routine 

Try to stick to your routine activities such as healthy eating and regular exercises during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will help you improve your feelings and thoughts on activities.

When in quarantine, focus on the activities you’re able to do, such as studying, reading books, and other opportunities. You can also try a new skill or hobby such as playing instruments, cooking, gardening, and sewing. 

Focus on the Things You Enjoy

Though anxiety and depression can make it hard to focus on the activities you enjoy, you should not let them control your life. Try your favorite hobby and communicate with friends

If it’s impossible to continue with your hobbies because of government restrictions, try online hobbies. Additionally, you can try going to a music concert or how to code or program online. 


Breathing Techniques for Managing Anxiety

If you start some exercises and breathing techniques, then it will trigger relaxation in your nervous system. Take deep breaths via your nose four times and exhale six times. Repeat the activity three times a day to deal with anxiety. 

Additionally, you can also exercise by keeping the eyes open while looking into the sky. Close your eyelids slowly. At the same time, continue looking at the sky, then inhale while the eyes are relaxed but closed.

Inhale and exhale for an hour and try to picture yourself in a magnificent environment such as a beach.

Remain in the Present

Despite your challenges, don’t allow your mind to wander in the past. Remember that things are okay, and pay attention to your daily routine, including the food you’re eating and sensation as you press your phone. 

Pay attention to the present moment and not the past or the future. Just because there are challenges today doesn’t mean that you will be in the same place tomorrow. Give yourself hope. 


Reach out to Others

Helping people in need will also help you deal with anxiety and depression. Though you might be facing challenges, you might be in a position to address others needs’ or address their behaviors and worries.

Observe your cycle and find a friend, family member, relative, or anyone you could meet. Alternatively, you can call or message them. But as you support others, ensure you adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Managing Anxiety during COVID-19 – Final Thought 

If you adhere to the tips above and still have challenges dealing with anxiety, seek professional help. If you’re a student, then try seeing counseling support inside your university. Seeking professional help is okay when you’re overwhelmed with anxiety.

You can also access the psychological therapies on your phone, online, or via video platforms, and they are ideal if you are alone and you don’t want to visit a clinic. But know that anxiety is temporary, and it will soon fade away as the medics deal with the pandemic.

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