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Generic Name: Risperidone

Brand Names: Risperdal, Perseris, Risperdal Consta

Drug Class: Atypical Antipsychotic, Serotonin-Dopamine Antagonist, Anti-depressant

Similar Class Drugs: Olanzapine, Quetiapine

Available Dosage forms: Liquid, Oral immediate-release tablets, Injection

Risperidone: Uses, Side Effects. Risperdal, Perseris, Risperdal Consta
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What is Risperidone?

Risperidone is used to treat a diverse range of psychiatric conditions. It elicits an array of psychotropic effects by acting as an antagonist and agonist to various receptors. Excess in serotonin and dopamine is considered the primary cause of schizophrenia. Risperidone inhibits the release of both neurotransmitters by antagonizing the activity of their receptors, 5HT2A and D2, respectively.1

A lack of serotonin in synaptic clefts causes major depression. Risperidone recedes depressive symptoms by partial agonism of 5HT1A receptors, thereby upregulating the amount of serotonin in synaptic clefts.

It is used alone (in children aged 10 or more and adults) or as an adjunct with valproate and lithium (in adults only) to manage manic episodes in bipolar disorder type 1.

Risperidone is used off-label for the following conditions:1

– Brain injury

– Autism

– Trichotillomania

– Pedophilia

– Tourette Syndrome

– Lesch-Nyhan

– Movement and developmental disorders


How to use Risperidone?

– Oral tablets are available as blister packs with 4 tablets each.

– Tablets are available with a minimum dosage of 0.25 mg and a maximum dosage of 4mg.

– These tablets disintegrate as soon as they are placed on the tongue. Avoid chewing or crushing the tablet and gradually swallow the released contents with or without water.

– For the liquid form, use the syringe provided to measure the dosage correctly.

-You can mix the liquid with water, orange juice, low-fat milk, or coffee.

– Do not use tea or coke as the drug is incompatible with these beverages.

– Long-acting injections are prescribed in extreme cases of manic episodes in bipolar disorder.

– Do not stop taking the medication without your doctor’s approval.


What are the side effects of Risperidone?

Usual symptoms seen with Risperidone:

– GI upset

– Headache, dizziness

– Flu-like symptoms

Serious side effects reported with Risperidone:

– Extrapyramidal effects – Tardive dyskinesia, worsened symptoms of Parkinson’s

– Increased levels of prolactin that lead to sexual dysfunction in men and women alike.2

  • Gynecomastia, painful erection, and galactorrhea in men
  • Amenorrhea and galactorrhea in women

– Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome1

– Cerebrovascular events in patients with dementia

– Suicidal behavior in children


Who should not use Risperidone?

– Patients with dementia-associated psychosis


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