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“Peace is wealth” ✌🏿  💰

“Inhale what you need, Exhale what you don’t.”  🧘🏻‍♀️  🧘🏼  🧘🏾‍♂️

- Olivia Amato

“Clear your mind of “Can’t” 🧠. ⬆️

- Hannah Marie Corbin

“Make it a priority, life is way too short to do shit you don’t like to do, enjoy it”  😊

- Olivia Amato

“I can and I will because I am” 😊  😊

“Do I really really want this, is it worth the effort, is it worth the time? My answer is YES, my values say YES.
What is your answer? What are your values? LIVE by them, BREATHE by them” ❤️

“Do not let any negative self-talk get in your way right now, this about you and what’s true. That shit’s not real” 🗣  ✋🏾

- Olivia Omato

“Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up”

- Oliver Lee

“This is your time, allow yourself to have it” ⌚️ ☝️

“Your looking GOOD today” 😘

“We all fall down, but it’s the difference that we never stay down. We get the heck back UP!” ⬆️

- Olivia Amato

“When you feel your mental health declining; focus on yourself, give yourself some extra time, love and care” 🌟

“The past has no power over me anymore”

“Self-care for anxiety: Get enough sleep”  🥺   💤

“You will SMILE again” 😀  😘

“YES you can” ☝️

“It is not your job to prove that you are lovable” ❤️   👏

“Your mental illness does not define you”

“Your mind is your home take good care of it” 🧠 🏡  🙏

“Work on you, for you 😘 “

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The Mind Over Matter (M.O.M) Platform at LGBTQ and All

Our M.O.M. (Mind Over Matter) platform is a safe space where LGBTQ+ folks and allies can share inspirational quotes. Quotes can be shared visually or through audio formats. We know that everyone has quotes that speak to them, and our site allows you to share them and enjoy other people’s quotes. M.O.M. is a supportive space that welcomes everyone at any age who stands behind the LGBTQ+ community.

Our platform allows everyone to express their creativity through inspirational words or show off their design skills. Our site is easy to navigate and makes it simple for you to share quotes close to your heart.

Why Sharing Inspirational Quotes is Important

LGBTQ+ are at a higher risk of suicide, especially youth. According to recent studies, young LGBTQ+ people are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. Questioning youth are also three times as likely.

Since LGBTQ+ folks are at a higher risk of suicide or having mental health issues, it is essential to have a hopeful platform that can inspire people’s futures. Our empowering environment can be a life-saving tool and a place where you can connect with other like-minded individuals.

Taking Part in the M.O.M. Community

If you think the M.O.M. community will positively benefit your life, you can engage with others and share motivational and mindful health quotes with other members. You can submit your quote to be featured. Our digital lifeline is vital for the safety of the LGBTQ+ community. That’s why we have moderators who will ensure that all content being submitted and posted is not harmful to anyone and that community guideline are followed. We will delete any posts that include hate speech or violent imagery to protect our members.

Have a quote in mind and want to share? Submit your quotes to be featured.

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