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Believe In Wellness Collective, LLC, Florida, US

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Believe In Wellness Collective LLC
Florida, United States
Rebecca Galdo, LCSW

My name is Rebecca Galdo she/her, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Tampa Bay Area. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. My passion is to help elevate everyone I come in contact with. To hold space and promote healing and happiness in their world. I have the educational background and professional experience, but I also experienced extreme challenges within my career, family, and personal relationships. I can empathize and be present with you in your situation and provide guidance and techniques from all those experiences in a non-judgmental, empathetic heart-centered space.

Sometimes it gets hard to see the beauty through all the pain. I hope to walk next to you and be a part of that story, to assist you in finding the light once more.

I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work from Radford University in Virginia. I then went on to attend the advanced standing Masters of Social Work program at The University of South Florida. I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2019. I have experience working with at-risk youth, adults, and the aging population.

I specialize in a holistic, mindfulness-based practice. I utilize various healing techniques to help process and overcome symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. I love helping women process societal pressures, relationship issues, and healing traumas from family history.


Prelicense: Florida / SW16463

Additional Credentials:

Certificate: Florida Department of Health / SW16463
Certificate Date: 2019

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