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Connection Counseling

585 Stewart Avenue , Garden City , New York , 11530 - Get Directions

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Erica James she/her, LMFT

Hi! I’m Erica, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, which can look like a lot of things. Ultimately, I work with you to help create a safe space for transformative healing and change through revealing the power of vulnerability within your relationships (including the one with yourself). I listen to you (like, really listen) and reveal skills on learning how to listen more effectively too. Together, we create a path to reconnecting with yourself and others. Deciding to make changes to your life and relationship can be scary, so I applaud you for considering this first step!

Within the relationship that we’ll be building, there will be support for those who want to find more acceptance in who they are and in others. I help clients create more compassion for themselves and their relationships, more capacity to feel those difficult feelings, and more understanding of each other and themselves from the conditioning that we’ve all experienced.

I approach our time together not as someone with all the answers, but as a collaborator who helps you to realize that the answers and relief you’re looking for are already within you. My hope is that you’ll feel a sense of connection to yourself and others and find a space where you feel seen, really seen for all of who you are. While connecting with your partner in a way that feels easier when before felt overwhelming. I look forward to starting this work together!

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