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Denver Men’s Therapy

720 S Colorado Blvd #610s , Denver , Colorado , 80246 - Get Directions


Business Overview

Denver Men’s Therapy is the only group therapy practice in Colorado specializing in working with young and adult men and the only one with certified EMDR therapists. We provide therapy for men who are experiencing depression and anxiety, struggling with past trauma, dealing with addictions, experiencing problems in their relationships, and anger issues. We help get men “unstuck.”

Our approach is unique.

We acknowledge that in our culture there is stigma around men and mental health. We also understand that men experience mental health symptoms differently than their female counterparts. Because of this, men need therapy designed for them. From the first moment of contact, we work to normalize therapy for men. We use evidence-based therapy to create an environment where men feel heard, supported, and comfortable. Our expert team of therapists understands how men often experience mental health symptoms. When working with our therapists, together you will identify what your goals are then to create an action plan to achieve these goals. We have a three-prong attack to achieve your goals; the past, present, and future. First, we resolve past issues that may be impacting your current functioning. Then we move to resolve any current issues, triggers, and symptoms you are facing. Finally, we move to future anxieties or concerns. We will also identify and build on the unique strengths you have as a man. Typically, with this approach, we find that you are now living the life you want and are reaching your maximum potential. You then can ride off into the sunset like a cowboy at the end of the western. We are the practice that specializes in providing confidential psychotherapy to men.

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