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Essentia Therapy, LLC

22 W. Washington St Suite 1500 , Chicago , Illinois , 60602 - Get Directions

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Business Overview

As a relational therapist, specifically trained and licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy and AASECT-certified in Sex Therapy, my passion is in working with individuals and couples in navigating a myriad of personal and interpersonal challenges such as relationship issues, intimacy & sexual concerns and navigating life stage transitions and anxiety management.

My practice is all about creating a space for compassion and acceptance, alongside growth and change. Through therapy, we will work together to discover, unpack and explore the stories guiding your life or relationships. We’ll dig into where they come from and take a cold hard look at whether or not they line up with your values and desires. And, for those stories that are leaving you feeling stuck, we’ll challenge them and rewrite new ones based in your truth, opening up space for a life, love and sexuality that is rooted in authenticity, clarity and self-compassion. Our work together won’t always be easy, but change never is. If you’re willing to lean in, you’ll leave with a stronger connection to yourself, your partner and your sexuality, new scripts to live by and a slew of strategies to stay on track.

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