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Grounded Roots Therapy, LLC

407 North Walsh Street , Carson City , Nevada , 89701 - Get Directions (4) (2) (3)

Business Overview

Grounded Roots Therapy, LLC.

We’ve Licensed Clinical Social Workers in Carson City, Nevada. We love collaborating with clients to identify resources and build solutions.

We work with teens and adults who find it easy to show compassion to others, but struggle to show themselves the same level of kindness. They are often helpers, perfectionists, people-pleasers, highly sensitive people, and over-thinkers.

When working with us, you can expect:

  • Compassionate authenticity (aka, some truth bombs)
    • Enthusiasm about hearing your story. I’m a fangirl of your bravery and resilience already
    • A fierce belief in your ability to make sustainable, meaningful change
    • A touch of humor (one of the most essential life skills)
    • Lots of plant metaphors. Because, after all, we can often blame it on our roots.

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