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Lavender Healing Center (LHC) was created with her in mind. Our favorite color is Purple (Lavender), her birthstone is my favorite crystal (Amethyst). She stood for everything the crystal does: peace, happiness, positivity, serenity & calmness. We are missing many of those things from our life, therefore, we are selling ourselves short on a beautiful experience that life can be. I would like to help you find that. My grandmother passed in 2020 and was not able to see LHC be born. It is my hope that she is pleased-hopefully you as well.

The mission of LHC is Holistic~ Healing ~Healthy ~Happy ~Whole. As I aim to provide the highest quality of care, that cannot done without some faith from you. The smallest amount of faith can move mountains. And at LHC, we hope to remove the obstacles that are in your way from being the best version of you.

My primary focus at LHC is Relationships (Engagement, Marriage, Divorce/Co Parenting). Most of my work has been centered around Multigenerational challenges, Childhood sexual Trauma, Depression and Military families, which is why I offer those services as well.

LHC was founded by Me (Kasey Scharnett King, LMFT). I have almost a decade of experience working with children, adolescents and adults in school, home & community settings. I like to call my approach the “straight shooter,” because I am upfront and want the best for anyone across from me-that trusts me with their transformation. I am currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Mississippi (#0545) and LMFT-Associate in the state of Texas. I am from Baton Rouge and love Coffee, New Orleans Saints/Pelicans & San Antonio Spurs.

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