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Inner Wisdom Psychotherapy Associates, INC

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Naomi Babcock, LCSW

Therapists are providing telehealth services during this unprecedented time of Covid – 19. We are closely monitoring the safety of our clients and will alert you of any changes in our scheduling.

Naomi’s journey through the therapy world has evolved greatly over the past 20 years. It started in Cleveland, Ohio after graduation from Case Western Reserve University in 1999. With humble beginnings in the world of child and adolescent outpatient psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment for at-risk youth in Cleveland, Ohio to working with a similar population of even younger children ages 0-5 in Phoenix, Arizona which included didactic work between parent and child. Soon afterward she completed her post-graduate training from the Harris Institute of Infant and Toddler Mental health was completed and Naomi served as a supervisor for master’s level therapists as a field instructor for Arizona State University. Soon afterward, Naomi began her own private practice in 2007 in Gilbert, Arizona where she specialized in child/adolescent therapy. Her work began to evolve as she began the study of Mindfulness Based practice, EMDR therapy and DBT, to address the growing number of trauma cases that presented in the practice. Naomi also took on associate therapists who sought to learn this work and obtain the necessary training toward licensure. Through her own path to exploring spirituality and psychotherapy, this led to study under teachers who supported the idea of being the “watcher of our thoughts” as opposed to “being our thoughts”. This exploration led Naomi to study and receive training from various spiritual teachers whose work greatly influenced modern psychotherapy such as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Mooji and lineage, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Master Choa Kok Sui, and Rupert Spira. This integration of spiritual awareness and psychotherapy along with a job-transition for Naomi’s husband led the family to California, where the opportunity to explore the integration of Mindfulness, Energy Psychology, and EMDR/Somatic modalities were widely used and sought after by the client population of this area. This led to the opening and expansion of Inner Wisdom Psychotherapy which has expanded to include two very talented associate therapists that will be working under the supervision and guidance of Naomi. Naomi will also continue to see her own psychotherapy clients using an eclectic approach of psychotherapy, trauma work, and Energy Psychology (through Pranic Psychotherapy) with respect for the spiritual influence of eastern masters and their contributions to this field.

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