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Jamie Williams, LMHC, Rochester, NY, US

25 Canterbury Rd , Rochester , New York , 14607 - Get Directions

Business Overview

I am Jamie Williams she/her, LMHC, NCC. I am a nationally certified, licensed therapist based in Rochester, NY. I can help anyone located within NY State via telehealth.

I have a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and am certified in Trauma Studies. I have a degree in fine arts that can be utilized within therapy based on individual needs and interests. I have provided treatment in various settings for children, teens, parents, and/or families as a whole. My specialties include working with women across the motherhood spectrum from preconception to postpartum, any steps along the way, including infertility challenges.

I believe therapy is unique to each individual, and I utilize my skills and training to meet those unique needs. I can help individuals and families to reach their goals and lead a more fulfilling life.


New York / 009027

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