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Dr. Jonathan Keith, M.D. Hoboken, NJ

79 Hudson Street, STE 700 , Hoboken , New Jersey , 07030 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Jonathan Keith, MD FACS
Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Livingston, New Jersey, United States

Dr. Jonathan Keith joins ECAPS from his career in academia and served as Associate Professor of Surgery and Residency Program Director in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He is a fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in microvascular surgery. He is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and the Rutgers Center for Transgender Health founder.

In 2018, Dr. Keith founded the first multidisciplinary clinical program for transgender patients in New Jersey. That year, Dr. Keith was the first surgeon in the state to perform a female-to-male phalloplasty for gender affirmation. He has pioneered and published research into novel techniques, outcomes, and insurance coverage of gender-affirming surgery. He has authored an editorial for USA Today and lectures nationally on the topic.

Dr. Jonathan Keith and ECAPS Procedures 

  • Breast procedures: Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery, Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery (reduction mammoplasty), and Breast Lift Surgery.  
  • Breast reconstruction procedures: IGAP Flap Procedure, DIEP Flap Procedure, Nipple Reconstruction, LD Flap Procedure, Oncoplastic Reconstruction, and Nipple Areola Tattooing After Breast Reconstruction. 
  • Skin procedures: including Dermabrasion, BOTOX Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, and Dermal Fillers. 
  • Body procedures: Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction Surgery, Tummy Tuck Surgery, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction, and Body Contouring Surgery for Massive Weightloss Patients. 
  • Face procedures: Ear Surgery, Chin Augmentation, Facelift Surgery, Eyelid Lift, Fat Injections, Facial Fat Grafting, and Forehead / Brow Lift Surgery. 
  • Male procedures: Laser Hair Removal for Men, Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) for Men, Injectables for Men, Chin Implants for Men, and Liposuction for Men
  • Gender Affirmation Procedures: MTF / Transfeminine Procedures, FTM / Transmasculine Procedures, and Non-Binary Procedures. 

At ECAPS, we aim to provide a safe, respectful, and individualized approach to the surgical care of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Our group of highly skilled and compassionate microsurgeons is dedicated to this patient population. Under the leadership of a world-recognized leader in transgender care, Dr. Jonathan Keith MD FACS, our team of health professionals unite with one goal of delivering excellent outcomes in gender affirmation.


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  • VISA / Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

Supports Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Optum

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  • English

Mental Health Professionals

Customer Reviews

Linda ConeglioVerified Business

I have just had my 5th surgery with Dr Cerio and his team related to breast cancer. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them! They are the best! Dr Cerio has been through alot with me. He always explains everything, he is compassionate and caring. I trust him completely and am never disappointed. His staff never drops the ball on appointments or authorizations and are the sweetest group of people that I’ve dealt with!

Janice Morse PortraitsVerified Business

I had botox done by one of their PA’s, Jessica. I had never done ANYTHING to my 46 year old face besides a facial but Jessica walked me through EVERYTHING and put me … who has a phobia of needles … completely at ease. Zero pain and I didn’t even have any redness. I saw results within days and now I’m regret not getting botox sooner!! No cream in the WORLD will give you these results! Will be trying fillers with Jessica next.

Jade WilliamsVerified Business

Dr Keith is one of the best surgeons l’ve ever met.
His employees are so welcoming and so respectful. He’s the only surgeon I will ever let do any work on my body. I was the 101 vaginoplasty So happy with my results. But if you’re looking for a surgeon, he’s the guy!!! ❤️

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