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Mary Fleisch Therapy

445 Bellevue Ave Suite #4 , Oakland , California , 94610 - Get Directions

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Trauma-Informed Therapy in Oakland & Online throughout California

You’re tired of struggling. You’re ready to dive in and you want to work with someone who really gets you. Therapy doesn’t work well if you can’t trust and settle into the process. So how do you know if I’m the right therapist for you?

Hi, my name is Mary Fleisch, LCSW she/her/hers and I became a licensed therapist in Oakland, CA because I believe in that resilient spark of you-ness that defies all odds. I believe that every person is capable of tapping into their own innate resiliency, and ability to live a full, joyous, and meaningful life. I’ve noticed that sometimes, people face difficulties in life that hide or dim that spark, but it’s still there, just obscured by the chaos of what life has handed you.

I’ve devoted my life and career to studying that spark. What makes it so that some people can bounce back, while others remain stuck? How do you become unstuck and push past those obstacles, and add flame to that spark?

In learning about the “obstacles” or trauma, I’ve gotten advanced training in all things trauma and specialized in my practice to help you tap into that inner flame. I am an integrative therapist, and use a multifaceted approach that works with the mind-body connection to help you get the relief you are searching for.


  • Years in Practice: 7 Years
  • License: California / 94264
  • School: San Jose State University
  • Year Graduated: 2015

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