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Supportive Roots Counseling

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Hi! I’m Kayla she/her/ella

I know what it’s like to experience depression + anxiety and feel worried about where to turn for support and also question what that support is going to look like, so I am so proud of you for taking the steps to get here. I’ll tell you a little about myself so you can know what to expect from me, should you want to reach out.

My name is Kayla Aguirre Guerrero and my pronouns are she/her/ella. I am a licensed Latinx psychotherapist and the owner of Supportive Roots Counseling. Within my practice, I strive to be relatable and supportive to all of my clients. My approach is simple: unconditional positive regard with accountability. I believe that you are always doing the best that you can, and at the very same time, we can work on strategies that can lead you to feel happier, more secure, and less anxious in your life.

Providing the support and validation to my clients that many have been lacking throughout their childhood and adult life is an important part of the therapeutic process. My goal is to help clients break intergenerational trauma patterns, establish boundaries with others, and help individuals break the chains of codependency while refocusing their lives on self-care.

My work within the LGBTQIA+ community and with gender-nonconforming individuals is extremely important to me as a therapist, and I am happy to write letters of support for those looking to have gender-affirming medical care and support.

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