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My mission in life is to bring sex back to a healthy place in people’s lives. Our culture has spent an immense amount of time and effort over the decades, even centuries, placing shame on sexuality. Yet we’re all created through an act of sex. We all go through physical changes to prepare our bodies for sex. We’re attracted to each other, driven to create pleasure for one another, grow and raise children together, but we don’t talk to each other about the core piece of this.

I want sex to be normal. Because it is. I want sex to be pleasurable, freeing, and free from shame.

We provide online video counseling across the United States and we are able to serve expats all over the world! Our therapists are licensed in Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Washington with more to be added.

Therapists here are trained and ready to help you with your relationships, whether you want to work individually or as a couple, that’s okay.

Our therapists are open-minded, kink-friendly, allies to the LGBTQIA+ community and practice evidence-based methods of therapy to guide you where you want to be.

Sex isn’t just something you’re born knowing how to do or how to talk about. It’s learned and taught.

There’s cultural shame around it, even though it is something natural to do.

You can learn how to talk about sex openly, shed the shame around it, and describe what you want to your partner.

Think of your new therapist as your Sherpa. They can help provide the plan, teach you effective tools, and guide you along the path to a life you want to live.

Active Therapists:

Erika Miley, LMHC, Sexologist (PhD): Washington, Florida, Montana, International
Erika Wiggins-Tate LMHC, LPC: Washington, Idaho, International
Sohna Shook, Psychologist (PhD): Kansas, Missouri, Washington, International
Jennifer Adair, LMHC: Florida, Maine, Washington, International
Regina Zuniga, LPC, LMHC: Colorado, Florida, Washington, International

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