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Therapy Brooklyn

67 West Street Suite 401 , Brooklyn , New York , 11222 - Get Directions


Business Overview

I (Marissa Moore she/her/hers, LMHC) started Therapy Brooklyn the last year into my post-graduate training program in couples and family therapy at the Ackerman Institute. While there I discovered the big “why” that brought me to this work. I found that there was no greater joy than supporting couples through a rough patch so that they could see hope once again and in helping a family rediscover one another through empathic listening and understanding. Through this work, I’ve also found healing for my own family’s intergenerational wounds and voicelessness.

In therapy, with me, you can expect a goal-directed strengths-based approach that is attuned to context and how it shapes what brought you to therapy. Essentially that means not losing sight of the bigger picture. At Ackerman, I learned that problems aren’t within people but between people who are situated in systems that influence how they relate.

So questions about depression wouldn’t simply ask, “what happens when you feel down?”’ but also “who do you talk to when you’re down? what did you learn about emotions growing up? how does gender (or culture, or class, or race, etc.) influence how you cope?”

In 2018 Therapy Brooklyn expanded and became a group practice. Each therapist brings their incredible gifts to the practice. Although we may come from different backgrounds we believe in strengths-based, goal-directed, compassionate therapy. Check out each therapist’s individual bio to learn more.

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