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Address: Toward Wellbeing, Perth, Western Australia

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Business Overview:

Rachel Tomlinson is a registered psychologist, who specialises in working with families. She has experience in play therapy, trauma, education settings, family support programs and general counselling. Rachel is currently open for family and parent consults.

Rachel is the author of two internationally published books, Teaching Kids to be Kind, a parenting book about teaching our kids to be empathic and compassionate, and A Blue Kind of Day, a children’s picture book (due March 2022) about depression. She has presented at national conferences and lecture series, and is a sought after commentator in the media about parenting and child development topics. In her consults, Rachel works closely with parents to identify barriers to living their family goals and provides them clear steps and strategies as well as providing child development information to support parents to feel more confident, calm and connected to their children.