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Sara Ramirez Joins Sex in the City Revival as Non-Binary Character

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez Joins Sex in the City Revival as Non-Binary Character

Sara Ramirez will be joining the cast of HBO Max’s Sex and the City Revival: And Just Like That… 

The former Grey’s Anatomy star and Madam Secretary will be the first non-binary character in the series.

In January, they announced the latest addition to the Sex and the City franchise. It will feature the iconic characters Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) as they navigate New York City in their fifties. Sadly, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) will not be returning.

Cattrall has frequently shared her disinterest in returning to the character. She said in 2017,” I played it past the finish line and then some and I loved it, and another actress should play it.”


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Who Will Ramirez Be Playing?

Ramirez’s character will not be Samatha Jones, but a new character, Che. According to THR, they’re a nonbinary, queer stand-up and podcast host. They feature Carrie as a frequent guest on the pod. 

A description of their character says that they have “a big presence with a big heart whose outrageous sense of humor and progressive, a human overview of gender roles has made them and their podcast very popular.”

Is This Rendition of Sex and the City Going to Be More Progressive?

Reception to the revival when it was announced earlier this year was unenthusiastic. According to Naveen Kumar in an article for them: “As out-there as sex on the original series could be (and let’s be honest, Samantha had most of it), SATC has maintained a narrow definition of sex — messy, funny, and real, but always between men and women — long past its expiration.”

Then to make matters worse, the first and second films were riddled with classism, racism, and Orientalist stereotypes. Many people did not see the point of continuing the series about overly privileged white women and their non-relatable lives. 

According to SATC director Michael Patrick King, 

“Everyone at And Just Like That… is beyond thrilled that a dynamically talented actor such as Sara Ramírez has joined the Sex and the City family. Sara is a one-of-a-kind talent, equally at home with comedy and drama – and we feel excited and inspired to create this new character for the show.”

The fact that Sex and the City never had many intersectional LGBTQ+ characters in a city like New York is still baffling to many. Production is slated to start soon, and everyone is hoping that Ramirez’s character will be more than a tokenized character who only aims to uplift Carrie’s character and storyline. 

About Sara Ramirez 

Sara Ramirez is best known for playing Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy. Last year, they came out as gender non-binary.

In an Instagram post, Ramirez shared, “In me is the capacity to be” everything from a “girlish boy” to a “boyish girl.”


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They use she/her and they/them pronouns.

In a 2009 episode, Ramirez’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character came out as bisexual. This revelation paved the way for more bisexual representation in the media and on-screen. Ramirez also came out as bisexual in real life after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. They stated that this shooting, which was one of the deadliest displays of violence on LGBTQ+ people and Latinos in recent U.S. history, impacted their decision to come out.

Ramirez told People magazine:

“Coming out publicly was something that I was afraid of because I was concerned that it would affect my career in a negative way. I was afraid of the discrimination I might face, not just outside Hollywood, but inside.

As I continued to read and hear about the countless forms of violence perpetrated against us, including the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub, an organic, incremental urgency to use my platform to empower those who are part of these communities that I’m a part of came over me in a way that I’ve never felt before.”

Ramirez is part of a growing number of celebrities who identify as non-binary. These celebrities include Demi Lovato, who just came out this past month. Sam Smith is also a celebrity who came out as nonbinary as well as Billions actor Asia Kate Dillon, Valentina from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Fox’s live production of Rent, and Transparent creator Jill Soloway.

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