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Sex – Let’s Talk About It

Monosexism or monosexuality is a term commonly referred to when discussing biphobia. Monosexuality is the romantic or sexual attraction to people of one sex only

Most people discover sex in their preteen or teen years. Our bodies gain these new functions that we are unaware of at the time. We do feel some kind of change, but we are not certain what they are exactly. All of a sudden we feel some kind of rush through our bodies and the tendency to lose it. As kids, we don’t understand what the rush is all about, but with some exploring, we learn how to deal with it. Our hands go down towards our genitals and we realize how pleasant of a feeling it is. And that is how we discover masturbation. But not everyone discovers it at a young age. It comes at different times for everybody. It has to do with the surroundings we grow up in. Not all kids have the luxury of living in an open-minded society where sex and masturbation are freely discussed. And those things come naturally to all humans. It is in our nature to be horny and get satisfied. And we should talk about it. Kids shouldn’t learn about sex just by secretly watching porn. It might give them the wrong impression of what it should feel like. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it can be lame. And it is okay not to have good sex every time. It is not about looking perfect, but feeling right.

Social Influences on Sex

Sex is even forbidden in some cultures and religions. There are societies that consider it as only a procreation tool and nothing else. But our human nature tells us otherwise. It is not just a way of making kids, but also an activity that keeps us healthy and happy for our well-being. It is not okay for sex and masturbation to be stigmatized or forbidden. And the urges we experience are not something we should throw away and keep locked. Sustaining from sexual activities can be bad. The body and mind are connected, and keeping one healthy can improve the health of another as well. Being horny doesn’t mean we are some raw beasts with no human values, quite the opposite actually. It is in our nature to experience and seek pleasure in all segments of our lives. And the more we talk about it, the more we learn how to do it safely. Think about horny teenagers who live in a society that thinks of sex as something unholy. They experience these natural urges and they think they should suppress them. They have nobody to talk to about it and it makes them anxious and afraid of it. And it certainly should not be something stressful, but fun and relaxing. Eventually, they wouldn’t be able to control it and they would start practicing it without relevant information on how to do it properly. And by properly, we mean safely and in a way that feels good and welcomed. And sex is all about that.

Do It Right

For some people, sex means stress. The lack of carnal education can make us anxious. It is important to know some basics of sex. It might not look as hot as it is depicted in the movies. Most probably, your first sex interaction will be an attempt at some physical activity that should give you something called an orgasm. If you are lucky enough and have a good partner, you might experience it on your first go. But in reality, it takes practice until you get it right. And ‘right’ isn’t the same for everyone. We have different expectations and it is okay if you don’t live up to them. It is not something that should make you want to never try again. And so many people get anxiety from just thinking about it. Having unrealistic expectations are dangerous for inexperienced people. Being afraid of sex is not healthy and it can cause other problems. It can even make people asocial as they don’t want to be considered freaks for not fucking. It is important to learn about your body and follow it when it speaks to you. The best thing you can start with is masturbation. It is the safest and healthiest way of getting to know yourself and your body, making yourself feel comfortable with yourself. It is best to practice it when you are certain you won’t have any interruptions. Set the mood right and start exploring your body on your own. Find what feels good and what excites you. Being alone will make you feel relaxed and ready to play. And with more solo sessions, you will feel less nervous and anxious about interacting with somebody else. When you learn what feels good, you will have more confidence in sharing it with somebody.

Sex Practice Makes It Perfect

Both masturbation and sex are beneficial to our mental and physical health. The more we do it, the more we realize it is something that is good for us. And because it feels good, it shouldn’t be forbidden or judged. Everybody has their own sex rhythm and it is okay (not) to have sex. We shouldn’t feel afraid of how we are perceived by others. And our sex skills get better with practice. Sex becomes truly fun when you find the perfect partner to do it with. You need a person who wants to make you feel relaxed and loved. Tell them what you expect and what you want to try out. When you have somebody like that, the anxiety goes away and leaves room for excitement. When you once get confident, you will start enjoying sex to its full potential. You will learn that it doesn’t always go as planned. But that is the idea, it isn’t about planning it, but enjoying it spontaneously. The more you do it, the more confident you will be in your social life as well. And sex is beneficial for both physical and mental health. It affects your sleep as it releases the hormones that will relax you. The more you masturbate and have sex, the easier your life will be. So feel free and fuck freely (but safely).

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