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The Importance and Benefits of Self-Pleasure


The Importance and Benefits of Self-Pleasure

Self-pleasure has many benefits. For many people, it can be a healthy release of stress. Masturbation can also trigger a dopamine release in your body, creating feelings of euphoria and happiness. In addition, if you reach orgasm while you are masturbating, the hormone oxytocin gets released, which reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Even though there’s not a wealth of scientific research on the subject, many experts have reason to believe masturbation improves your well-being in multiple ways.

Do a Lot of People Masturbate?

Many people engage in self-pleasure. Even if they aren’t open about it, it’s common for people of any age or gender. 

People masturbate for various reasons — whether it’s relaxation, understanding their body better, releasing sexual tension, their partner is away, or for just the pure enjoyment of it. 

Many people also believe that masturbation is only something you do when you don’t currently have a sex partner. However, whether you’re single or in a relationship, anyone can pleasure themselves.

In addition, some people masturbate a lot, others do occasionally, and some people don’t do it at all. It all depends on your preferences, and people masturbate for different reasons. It is a personal decision, and there’s no right or wrong way to go approach it. 

What Are Some Tips for Self-Pleasure?

Masturbation is an excellent way for you to get to know your body. It is a perfectly safe thing to do, and all the myths surrounding it are entirely false. For example, masturbating won’t damage your genitals, cause breakouts, use up all your orgasms or ruin other kinds of sex.

Here are some self-pleasure tips that can be beneficial:

  • Always wash your hands before touching your penis, vulva, vagina, or anus.
  • Use an effective lubricant. Lubricants lower any kind of friction, which prevents small tears in your skin. It can also make the process more comfortable.
  • Be sure to clean your sex toys if you are using them to pleasure yourself. Otherwise, bacteria can grow and cause infections. Be sure to clean sex toys before and after each time you use them. When you purchase a sex toy, it should have instructions on the package to wash it properly. 
  • Don’t share sex toys with different partners without cleaning them or using new condoms each time. If you don’t do this, you could potentially pass along STIs. 

What Are the Benefits of Masturbation?

Here are some other reasons why self-pleasure is essential and can be beneficial to many people:

It gets stressful thoughts out of your mind. 

Having an orgasm often involves putting away any stressful thoughts. Then, when you experience the pleasure, it adds to stress relief. Orgasm has the power to shift the focus from any stress you are experiencing. 

However, it should be noted that some people may have difficulty achieving orgasm and that orgasm doesn’t have to be a necessary part of having a satisfying experience. In essence, sexual pleasure of any kind, whether orgasmic or not, can help take your mind off the stressors of daily life.

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Having an orgasm can be good for your sleep routine. 

When you work towards orgasm, you are going through a process called the sexual response cycle. This cycle is why orgasmic release feels so pleasurable. 

When you pleasure yourself or have sex, your body goes through different cycles that are accompanied by physiological changes. For example, the first phase involves the heart and breathing rates starting to climb. According to the Cleveland Clinic, for people with clitorises, their clitoris becomes engorged with blood, which creates a slight erection. Your muscles then tense up as they are about to release.

As you reach an orgasm, all the pent-up energy and tension are released. However, since there is so much going on physically, there’s a reason why it can be exhausting, and many people will feel fatigued after.  

An orgasm isn’t a go-to option as a sleep aid, especially f you experience insomnia. However, many people find that they can relax after masturbating, and it can be an excellent way to tire themselves out and get a good night’s rest.

If you’re in a relationship, self-pleasure can enhance your sex life with your partner. 

When you enhance your libido, it can often create more desires. As a result, you might start to engage in more sex with your partner. It can also improve the quality of the sex.

Self-pleasure is usually a good thing in a relationship, but it can be problematic if it is getting in the way of connection. It’s perfectly fine if you happen to masturbate more than having sex with your partner and you both decide that you are content with that. However, if you find that your self-pleasure habits are getting in the way of your relationship or creating issues, or even getting in the way of daily life, consulting a sex therapist may be an excellent option for you.

Masturbation can help alleviate pain.

If you are experiencing pain, whether, from a challenging workout or a migraine, masturbating can alleviate some of the discomforts. According to Shweta Pai, M.D., urogynecologist and Love Wellness adviser: “Masturbation can have pain-relieving benefits because orgasming releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, the body feel-good hormones, and neurotransmitters, into the body,” 

One classic study conducted by famous sexologist Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N. discovered that vaginal stimulation can actually increase a person’s pain tolerance threshold by over 40%. Obviously, an endorphin and hormone release won’t heal a severe injury like a torn muscle, broken bones, or other issues, but it can lower your pain sensitivity for daily aches.

In Summary

Self-pleasure has many benefits, both physically and emotionally. There is no shame in masturbation, and the whole process can be a fun experience. 

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