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Top 11 Tips to Up Your Oral Sex Game

Oral sex

Top 11 Tips to Up Your Oral Sex Game

Oral sex can be a breathtaking and satisfying experience for both partners. However, you should do it right to have a win-win experience. Whether you are a lady or a guy, there is absolutely nothing that stands in your way of experiencing such fun and excitement. If you are in a quest to up your oral sex, here are the top 11 tips to up your oral sex game.

Oral Sex Game Tips for Men

Here are the best oral sex tips to apply when going down on your partner: 

Use Oral Sex Designed Lubricant 

The use of lubricant makes it easier for any hand-added move during sex. In this case, since your mouth is doing most of it, use oral-sex-designed lubricant, especially flavored ones. If your partner does not lubricate easily, the use of such lubricants will allow your fingers to slip freely over the body during the warm-up session. The flavored lubricant also tastes good to enhance an even better taste while on it.

Spread Love 

Females find it satisfying when there is concentration on the clit, but this may cause pain due to over-sensitivity. Try to explore other sensitive spots of the body using your tongue.

Make use of your whole tongue. Use it while pointy, flat, soft, and rigid. You can stimulate the 8,000 nerve endings found in a clit by doing such techniques.

Find the G-spot 

After the vagina is wet, move your fingers on top of it until you find a somewhat rough spot. Continue sucking the clit while applying gentle pressure on this spot using your fingers’ pads, making in and out movements.

Do not stop. Watch for your partners’ reactions so that you can notice that spot that makes them scream your name.

The combination of the three: g-spot, clit, and vagina is the best oral sex tips to ensure that your partner gets the wildest orgasm ever.

Use Your Fingers  

Once you have warmed up your partner, slide your fingers inside her. Many women prefer one or two fingers inside their vagina while kissing and licking their clit.

This is one of the tips that make a woman thrash around the bed due to the blended orgasm.

You can also use your fingers to ‘play’ around with her nipples while still licking her clit.

Focus on Pleasure, Not Goal 

Never enter the bedroom aiming to give your partner a squirting orgasm. This may lead to a super disappointment.

Let your oral sex be pleasure-oriented with your partner rather than goal-oriented. Don’t try too hard to get them to orgasm to avoid discomfort during sex. If you do it correctly without pressure, you will both end up satisfied by the outcome at the end of it.

Compliment Your Partner

Tell her about her genitals. What makes them beautiful, sexy, and how tasty they are.

Many women are insecure about their genitals: how they look, smell, and above all, taste. If at any point they feel as if you are struggling or bored to be there, they will shut down immediately.

It is not easy for her to lie down, spreading her legs, so try to compliment and appreciate her.

Tell her sexy things, and the results will be out of this world.


Oral Sex Game Tips for Women

Want to keep your partner happy and satisfied when it comes to oral sex games? Look no further because the below tips will come in handy: 

An Inch at a Time 

Do not rush to put all of your partners’ penis inside your mouth. Take your time to tease. An inch at a time. Taking it slow while playing with it will allow you and your partner to enjoy oral sex together.

Grip the base of the penis while moving your mouth and hands in an arithmetical motion. The flavored lubricant can be a great companion when it comes to this.

Use Your Lips and Tongue 

Your lips can turn to be magical when comes in contact with the penis. Use the “lipstick technique” to give your partner an added breathtaking sensation.

Use your hands to move the head of the penis around your lips while taking it a little bit inside the mouth for added lubrication.

Under the penis is the frenulum – another sensitive spot, it contains many nerves. Use the tip of your tongue to flick it while stopping whenever you hit the pressure spot.

Expose Your Body for a More Leisurely View 

You don’t need to hide under the blanket. It will be much pressure for both of you to have a clear view of everything. Watching every action steams up any kind of sex, and oral sex is not an exception.

Allow each one of you to touch, kiss, and leak with a clear view of it all. You can even step out in a “see me through” nightdress or even naked for that matter to heat the room before you engage in oral sex.

Maintain Eye Contact 

Although it may feel intimidating, the results are worth a try. Don’t be shy; ensure eye contact when putting the penis inside your mouth slowly by slowly. Maintain eye contact for some minutes or as much as possible before embarking on another super technique.

Eye contact causes the release of oxytocin, a bonding hormone, allowing you to enjoy every bit of your oral sex. 

Find an Atypical Location 

Nothing else can give you pleasure other than oral sex in an atypical location. Take your oral sex a notch higher by getting out of the bedroom. Surprise your partner by getting down on your knees while they are showering before going to work. Oh yes, suck that penis until your partner tells you how much he loves you. You can also get on it in the middle of your favorite movie.


Up Your Oral Sex Game, as Long as You are Comfortable

As a couple, you can decide to have fun while having oral sex, just like regular sex. All you have to do is be gentle and use oral sex techniques that you are comfortable with, and that will make you orgasm and have fun. Don’t view it as a one-partner thing; both of you need to engage in it together for a positive result. 

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