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Ways Technology has Helped the LGBTQ+ Community


Ways Technology has Helped the LGBTQ+ Community

Technology has enabled content creation and has allowed LGBTQ+ members to progress in significant ways. Issues affecting these communities are easily tackled through technology platforms. Information is easily accessible worldwide.

Types of Technology Platforms Helping the LGBTQ+ Community

There are many types of tech platforms, including:

Social Media

Social media is a form of technology that enables sharing thoughts, ideas, or information by building virtual networks and communities.

It has played a significant role in helping the LGBTQ+ community, especially in countries where homosexuality is a crime or a social taboo. Many lesbians and gay people use social media platforms to connect with members of their community.

In social media, LGBTQ+ members can remain unidentified by using anonymous accounts. This provides space to feel free, especially if they haven’t come out to family and friends.

Print Media

Print media is also known as traditional or old-fashioned media, although it’s present today. It includes magazines, books, newspapers, and comics.

This type of media is used to campaign and create awareness of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Trans people come out by writing articles and books that inspire their fellows of the LGBTQ+ community.

Web Media

Web media is a communication form that uses text, visuals, and audio on the web. They include photos, videos, and graphics. The LGBTQ+ persons use this platform to create content that reaches out to their communities to inspire them to come out and be proud of their sexual state.


The rise in the use of smartphones gives LGBTQ+ members a chance to connect. Apps on smartphones and laptops have granted millions of LGBTQ+ members, who cannot come out and express their feelings, the opportunity to be in relationships without being ashamed. These apps are also helping members with chronic illnesses by reminding them to seek treatment and take medication.


Virtual private networks are frequently used by people living beyond certain regions. LGBTQ+ members living in these regions use VPNs as it protects their identity. They also use VPNs to connect with their local LBGTQ+ community. 


Blockchain is the latest form of technology and is mainly associated with cryptocurrency. An LGBTQ+ token is a form of cryptocurrency aimed at helping LGBTQ+ members protect their identities, especially in areas where they face discrimination and persecution. This way, their voice can be heard.

Ways, the Technology Platforms, Have Helped the LGBTQ+ Community

Technology helps the LGBTQ+ community in many ways, including:

Enhancing Safety

Discrimination, biases, and hate against LGBTQ+ individuals are real. Technology associates are addressing these circumstances with apps and features focusing on helping LGBTQ members stay safe.

Promote Inclusivity

Websites are created to help answer various questions about sexuality in an open and safe environment. The site tackles everything that LGBTQ+ members go through without judging them.

Community Creation

Technology has made it easier for LGBTQ+ individuals living in rural areas to find and connect with other community members. This enables the creation of support groups and forums to help the LGBTQ+ in a safe online community.

Compelling Content Creation

The creation of content by producers, artists, and individuals that focuses on LGBTQ+ issues is helpful to LGBTQ+ members. The content is readily available as it airs on televisions, podcasts, music streaming services, etc.

At LGBTQ and ALL we host individuals within the community or allies that want to share their experiences with the world. Our community is open and features people from all walks of life – whether they are LGBTQ+ mental health advocates, lifestyle influencers, or plastic surgeons for trans and non-binary folks. These videos from our ambassadors encourage a safe space for all

Getting rid of inappropriate behavior

Technology providers have taken steps to raise awareness against malicious behaviors like discrimination, hatred, and persecution of LGBTQ+ individuals. Secure channels have been established to look into and correct inappropriate behavior.

Reasons LGBTQ+ Community to Take Technology Pride

LGBTQ+ community should take pride in the advancements of technology as it has brought more good than harm. Some of these reasons are:

Coming Out

Technology has changed the meaning of coming out as an LGBTQ+ individual, specifically for young people, as there is an online support that makes a significant difference to the process of coming out. What makes it interesting is that individuals come out earlier and in large numbers than before.

The internet has brought the comfort of coming out and addressing identity issues without fear of judgment.

Meeting Up

After the LGBTQ+ individuals are out, it’s not easy to find dating or sleeping partners. And if they find them, meeting in public places is not always safe. The internet provides a safe environment for these individuals to meet without anyone judging them.

Reclaiming Public Space

The internet has changed the way LGBTQ+ individuals perceive public places. As a result, they can identify other people of their kind in public.

Exploring the Community

Technology has made the LGBTQ+ world accessible and more visible. It has made it possible for communities from different parts to know each other and find differences that might be unexplored in offline communities. This happens without leaving their homes as the internet makes it possible.


Apart from enabling LGBTQ+ individuals to come out, the internet has enabled various forums, especially in places that are dangerous to organize offline.

For LGBTQ+ individuals that find visibility a dangerous struggle, the web provides alternative measures of identity and freedom to advance their transformation goals.

Fighting Suicide

The internet has helped in reducing cases of suicides among the LGBTQ+ community. It has reduced factors that could lead to suicides, things like discrimination, biases, a sense of belonging, and many others.

The internet helped raise the alarm of increased suicidal deaths among gay teens. Thus, precautions are taken to help reduce the deaths.

Happy Ending

The internet has a great impact on the happiness of LGBTQ+ members. It has provided hook-up websites that help the LGBTQ+ to meet their sexual desires, and some end up finding love and good friendship.      

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