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Ways to Help LGBTQ+ Folks in Ukraine 


Ways to Help LGBTQ+ Folks in Ukraine 

The Russian attacks on Ukraine have become more destructive as the war progresses. More than 350 civilian deaths and millions of Ukrainians have been exiled. In particular, LGBTQ+ Ukrainians have been dealing with their unique challenges. 

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for a history of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, queer Ukrainians have voiced fear of potential persecution. In addition, Russia’s controversial anti-gay “propaganda” laws and moves to ban gay marriage and transgender adoption last year are concerns for the queer community of this invasion.

Unfortunately, people fleeing to nearby countries aren’t necessarily safe either, since other countries, like Poland, are largely Catholic and have anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.  

As a result, activists and organizations in Ukraine and worldwide are advocating to help LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. This article will give you a rundown of the top resources for supporting Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ community to share with others and/or send donations.

All Out

LGBTQ+ organizations across eastern and central European countries are organizing evacuations and means of shelter for queer refugees from Ukraine. The international non-profit All Out has created a fundraiser with Ukrainian LGBTQ+ organizations Kyiv Pride and Insight to assist their efforts. With these donations, they intend to get LGBTQ+ people out of the country as quickly as possible and have resources for them. And provide help to those who stay. 


Alturi is a U.S.-based LGBTQ+ news aggregation site raising money to help Prague Pride support LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. Donations from this fundraiser will support Ukrainian LGBTQ+ organizations financially.

In addition, it will assist refugees in the Czech Republic and prepare housing and other services for queer Ukrainians going to Prague (the safest area for them to go to currently). You can find out more at the organization’s website


Fulcrum is an LGBTQ+ organization based in Ukraine devoted to helping queer Ukrainians find freedom and security. According to its website, Fulcrum’s primary goal is evacuating queer Ukrainians to Lviv. All funds will go to relocation, shelter, and emergency services for LGBTQ+ people in Ukraine. 

Gender Z

The Ukrainian grassroots organization Gender Z is fundraising to “cover the immediate needs of LGBTQ persons who have remained in Ukraine,” according to information from their website


The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) supports LGBTQ+ organizations in Ukraine and nearby countries on its website. Some of these organizations include Alliance Global, Sphere Women’s Association, and Lambda Warszaw (Poland), all of which urgently need assistance. Here are details on how to donate.

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Insight Ukraine

Insight Ukraine is a local queer group that provides LGBTQ+ Ukrainians with support in legal, medical, and mental health. In addition, they are putting queer Ukrainians in touch with crisis therapists via a Google Form and collecting monetary donations for housing, relocation, food, medicine, and other supplies. 


KyivPride is a non-governmental human rights advocacy group based in Ukraine that puts on its annual Pride Week. You can donate to this group via AllOut, which is currently raising funds, or KyivPride directly via its website.

Nash Mir LGBT Human Rights Center

Nash Mir LGBT Human Rights Center is another Ukrainian organization advocating for LGBTQ+ protections since the ‘90s. Currently, you can send funds to the organization to help queer and trans individuals who cannot flee Kyiv. 

OutRight Action International

OutRight Action International is an LGBTQ+ human rights advocacy group in New York. This group is accepting donations from external LGBTQ+ organizations that are providing shelter for queer and trans people in Ukraine. For allies who are unfamiliar with what’s going on in Russia right now, 


Quarteera is an association based in Hamburg for Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ people, and they are seeking funds on Facebook. Donations to this fundraiser will provide housing, legal support, language courses, and other necessities for queer Ukrainian refugees in Germany. 

QUA: LGBTQ Ukrainians in America

QUA is a U.S.-based organization that offers social and legal support for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians in the United States. Recently, QUA organized a march for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York City.

The group is connecting refugees with Americans who can provide aid. Ways you can support include donations for housing, essential goods, and emergency support for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. 

Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad is a non-profit in Toronto that helps LGBTQ+ people worldwide escape violence and persecution. They are engaged through partner coordination, watching the ongoing situation, and responding to requests for assistance. You can find out more through the organization’s website.

Other Resources

There are always crowdsourcing campaigns that link to essential aid materials for more ideas. Polish activists Amanda Waliszewska, Joanna Wilkuse, and Anaid have created a Google Form to organize safe housing for LGBTQ+ and POC refugees escaping Ukraine. 

In the United States, Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon has provided resources for marginalized refugees into a LinkTree. 

These crucial resource links can be shared via social media to ensure that as many LGBTQ+ Ukrainians can find them. 

In Summary

If you are looking for ways to help LGBTQ+ people in Ukraine, one of the above organizations is an excellent place to start. Be sure to browse through each website, and donate if you have the means to do so.

If you aren’t in a financial place to donate right now, you can share these organizations with others via social media. In addition, you can share key resource links that LGBTQ+ Ukrainians can access in times of crisis. 

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