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What are the Benefits of Sobriety?

What are the Benefits of Sobriety?

What are the Benefits of Sobriety?

Did you know that there is a link between mental illness and substance use disorders? According to the journal Social Work in Public Healthapproximately half of those who struggle with addiction have co-occurring mental health disorders and vice versa. As a result, working to address your mental health or addiction issues can help a person overcome them. Sobriety, in particular, has been proven to help reverse the effects of addiction on the mind and body. 

This article will explore how sobriety has many health benefits and can improve your life and wellbeing. 

What common factors can contribute to substance use disorder and mental health disorders?

Some common factors that can lead to both substance use and mental health disorders include: 

  • Stress, especially stressful life situations 
  • Experiencing trauma (particularly in childhood) 
  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Not having family support
  • Engaging in unhealthy relationships;
  • Having poor coping skills

What are some co-occurring disorders? 

One of the most significant obstacles people face with substance use disorder (SUD) is co-occurring mental health conditions. These can include depression and anxiety, among others. Co-occurring disorders can be due to SUD or vice versa. 

According to one study focusing on people struggling with a SUD: “27 percent…have at least one psychiatric disorder, and 45 percent of people with psychiatric conditions actually have two or more disorders. More specifically, SUDs are most commonly comorbid with mental illnesses, including personality disorders, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders.

This connection demonstrates that a substance use disorder has more health implications than solely one-time high or inebriation. In other words, it can lead to unwanted complications for a person’s mental and physical health. 

What are the benefits of sobriety for your mental health?

Sobriety can be beneficial for many people. However, harm reduction may be a better option for some people, depending on their unique situation. We will get into more detail about harm reduction in a future article. 

Sobriety can offer many benefits, some that you may not even expect. Here are some of the top health benefits: 

Health Benefits of Sobriety

Improving Mental Focus and Clarity

Improving your general mental health will be one of the best benefits of being sober. When your body has fewer toxins and chemicals inside of it, especially when it’s excessive, you’ll notice you can think and focus better. 

When nothing is clouding your mind, and you aren’t as focused on your addiction, your brain can function better. In addition, you won’t have hangovers, hazy memories, and be more present-minded. 

You’ll Have Less Stress 

Addiction can come with a lot stress including finances, employment, relationship issues, and more. When you engage in sobriety, then you’ll notice that a lot of your previous stressors will go away. 

It’s essential to note that life without substances still has its challenges’ however, you won’t have any more added stress that comes from a substance use disorder. 

Better Sleep 

Sobriety is when your body is at its most natural state. As a result, when you engage in sobriety, then your body will go back to its normal rhythm. 

In addition, since you won’t be up late drinking, you can get to bed earlier and have a higher sleep quality. You’ll also notice that you feel more peaceful in general and can feel more rested.

Improvements in Health Level

Since your body is detoxifying and cleansing itself because you’re not consuming addictive substances, you’ll notice improvements in your health in general. In addition, people who go sober for the rest of their lives will give their bodies a chance to function at their most optimal. 

When you’re not drinking, your body will revert to a natural biochemical state, meaning you’ll see improvements in your health and bodily function.  

More Radiant Skin

Better skin can be a significant change that people notice when going sober. Your complexion can get more radiant due to the skin getting clearer and cleaner. These changes can take place within the first six months of sobriety. 

Strengthens relationships 

Substance use can cause a strain on important relationships in your life. When you are sober, you can better focus on the people around you and even heal fractured relationships. As a result, you can even build a community of support that helps maintain sobriety. 

Better Eating Habits

Sobriety can lead to a healthier lifestyle in general. After treatment, you may even undergo a new exercise routine or follow a more nutritious diet. 

You will not be as dehydrated when you cease drinking, leading to fewer unhealthy food cravings. 

Having More Energy

Since alcohol is a depressant, it can make people feel more tired and sluggish. When there are less effects from alcohol addiction on your body, you will have more energy and make healthier choices. For example, you’ll have more energy to do things like cook instead of opting for fast food. 

You’ll be able to live life more fully 

When going sober, you may notice more joy and freedom in your life when your substance use disorder doesn’t fully overtake you. Sobriety can bring more mental clarity and reduce adverse mental health symptoms. In addition, it can minimize stressors in your life. As a result, you can enjoy hobbies and new activities. 

Growth in Holistic Ways 

As a whole, you’ll find that sobriety brings much peace and relaxation into your life. In addition, it can make it easier to be in the moment and connect better with yourself.  

All in all, the entirety of your being can improve when going sober. As a result, you’ll feel happier overall and be able to function better physically, 


While sobriety is no easy feat, many health providers can help you achieve your goals. You can even find addiction recovery options nearby, like a treatment center or a substance use disorder program. At LGBTQ and All, we offer an extensive resource list of therapists, alternative treatment methods, and more that can help you on your sobriety journey. Be sure to navigate our listings to find out more. 

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