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What to Do When You Feel Rejected in the Society

What to Do When You Feel Rejected in the Society

What to Do When You Feel Rejected in the Society

As far as rejection is concerned, we can only say that it hurts to be rejected. Everyone needs a connection with fellow people, more so those who matter to us. Feeling that you are not accepted, whether in a relationship or at work, is not a pleasant feeling.

The pain of rejection is not different from physical pain; this is because rejection activates a similar region in the brain activated by physical pain. That being the case, it’s understandable why most people fear being rejected due to the pain they experienced during a rejection. Almost every person has been rejected once in their lifetime; hence most people know how it feels.

How to Deal with Rejection

Fear of rejection can hinder you from achieving your goals in life. Whether you have previously been rejected in a job interview or no one wants to hang out with you, you need to put that aside and move on, knowing that rejection is an unavoidable aspect of life. But how can you move on when you feel rejected? Read along.

Understand That It Happens To Everyone

Rejection is not a one-person thing. It happens to everyone. As earlier said, almost everyone has been rejected at least once in their lifetime for various reasons. Most people experience rejection over things like:

  • A partner leaving you for somebody else
  • A partner not showing up for a date
  • Someone ignoring your messages
  • Not being invited to a party

Remember that you do not have power over everything and that it’s okay for things not to go your way. Keeping in mind that rejection happens to everyone is a great step in moving forward after rejection.

Take It as a Learning Opportunity

Any time you feel rejected, take that opportunity to rediscover yourself and learn from it. For example, if you had applied for a job and you had the interview, later they picked someone else over you, you might need to wonder why you didn’t get the job. Go through your resume and double-check whether it’s ok. It might surprise you to discover that maybe if you had changed some things, it might get you your dream job.

If your partner left you for someone else, and you find out it’s your fault, learn from the mistakes and move forward in finding someone with whom you can have a great time together. Remember, it might not be your fault for being rejected, but if you can learn something from the rejection, it will help ensure that you recover first.

Remind Yourself of Your Worth

After being rejected, you might think that you do not qualify, you are not beautiful, boring, or your fault. The truth is, some rejections are a result of mismatched needs. If you feel rejected, this is not the right time for you to feel sorry for yourself; doing so will only make you feel worse. Instead, learn to remind yourself about your worth, how beautiful you are, and how important you are. Build strong self-confidence and move on in life.

How to Deal with Rejection – Validate Your Feelings

After rejection, it’s normal to feel hurt. You feel as if your emotions are shuttered. You might also need to take time to digest it. On the other hand, some people might tell you to get over it as if nothing happened. However, it’s not that possible to assume that nothing happened. Take all the time you need to get over the rejection. Remember, what you are currently feeling is normal. No one can tell you what to feel and what not to until you are ready to move on. Validate your feelings by understanding that your current emotions are valid.

Understand What Scares You About Rejection

What scares you about rejection? This is an important question that you need to figure out. Is it the loneliness that comes from being rejected by your partner? If so, you need to know how to have a strong friendship with your friends so that whether your partner leaves you or not, you will never be alone. If you are scared of being rejected at the interview and are scared of financial difficulties, ensure that you have a plan B if you do not get the job.

How to Deal with Rejection – Face Your Fear

Fear of being rejected can hinder you from achieving your goals. You might choose not to be in a romantic relationship since you are afraid of being rejected. Some are afraid to speak their minds in a meeting due to fear of rejection. You never know what your next step can do in your life. Maybe the next date you will find your better half, or maybe your views can help the company make a double profit. Remember that you might be rejected after your next step or maybe cherished.

Spend Time with People Who Cherish You

Spending time with people who want to be with you makes you feel wanted. They will be there to cheer you up after success and as shoulders to lean on when you feel down. Knowing that there are always there for you and love you, it’s easy to keep calm even after rejection.

Seek Professionals Advice

In some cases, rejection can have a long-lasting impact on someone’s life. Though you can get over it by yourself, a professional’s advice can help a lot. If you have anxiety attacks due to rejection, it’s high time that you seek a professional’s help.

Dealing with Rejection  – Final Thoughts

Rejection can cause setbacks in your life. However, overcoming it ensures that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. Take rejection as an opportunity to learn and come out of it a better person. Do not let it drain you. Remember, everyone gets rejected at one point or another. Take your time to overcome any rejection you face, and move on knowing there are better opportunities ahead.  

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