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What’s the Best Directory to List Your Practice? Top 9 Therapist Directories to Get Started

What's the Best Directory to List Your Practice? Top 9 Therapist Directories to Get Started

What’s the Best Directory to List Your Practice? Top 9 Therapist Directories to Get Started

Marketing is a crucial aspect of running a successful therapist practice. While there are many ways to market your practice to help build and grow your customer base, therapist directories are among the most appealing options.

Therapist directories are online resources where therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical practitioners can build and market their brands to reach potential customers. But how do you get started and choose a directory worth your money and time? 

This article looks at the best therapist directories you can list your practice and establish a smoother way of reaching your customers.

9 Top Therapist Directories to List your Practice Today

With the many therapy directories available, finding the best directory to list your therapy practice is difficult. Luckily, you have found this post. Here we provide the top nine directories to list your practice. 

These directories are ranked according to cost, usability, competitiveness, traffic, and authority.

1. LGBTQ and ALL is Among the Top Therapist Directories

Undoubtedly, LGBTQ and ALL tops our list of top directories you can list your practice. 

LGBTQ and ALL is one of the largest and most inclusive therapist directories to list your practice today. It’s one of its kind and well-rounded directory for therapists globally, including in major cities in the US like New York, California, Texas, Colorado, and Toronto, Ontario. 

The best part is that LGBTQ and ALL is LGBTQ-friendly, making it a great choice for minority groups looking for therapies to help deal with mental health issues.

In addition, it features an extensive archive that enables you to manage, schedule, and bill clients all in one place alongside a comprehensive client filter.


  • LGBTQ and ALL is the cheapest directory against all other directories. It costs as low as $19.99 and 1 month for FREE. 
  • The directory allows for the posting of reviews and feedback from clients.
  • If your clients have to travel, LGBTQ and ALL can add suitably matching hotels to live in.
  • LGBTQ and All practices good SEO, thus providing an opportunity to rank your practice higher in search results. 


  • We keenly vet therapists to ensure high quality, so we might not list your practice if it doesn’t meet the set standards.

2. Choosing Therapy

Choosing Therapy is undoubtedly the best deal if you want a directory to list your therapy service with no subscription or upfront fee. This directory is ideal for psychologists, psychotherapists, or treatment centers that can leverage its online presence to achieve exceptional results. 


  • Free listing
  • Real-time availability
  • Ability to customize services according to availability, preferred language, pricing, etc. 
  • Robust online presence


  • Due to its free subscription feature, the directory often attracts many practitioners

3. GoodTherapy

GoodTherapy is an excellent directory that connects therapists with clients online. The directory features various prognoses as well.

It costs $29.95 monthly.


  • It boasts a comprehensive archive that allows easy filtering of clients and preferable language preference.


  • It’s often loaded with tons of resources that can challenge navigation.
  • Unless you call or text, GoodTherapy doesn’t allow the scheduling of introductory calls.

4. Zencare

Zencare is a user-friendly directory with best practices for helping therapists seek clients and provide services. It features accurate information and high-quality attendance by the support team.

It costs $59 monthly plus a $130 first-time set-up fee.


  • Suitable for therapists who offer teletherapy services as well as in-person services.
  • You can have a 15-minute video/audio introductory call with clients.


  • Given its expansive menu, therapists may find connecting with the target clients challenging.

5. Psychology Today is also Among the Top Therapist Directories

Often abbreviated to PT, Psychology Today is an extensive directory for psychiatrists, treatment centers, support groups, and therapists looking to offer their services to mental health seekers. It covers all aspects of mental health and human behaviour.

It costs $30 monthly.


  • Free trial before subscribing to a premium package
  • Easy and fast set-up.


  • You must have a well-done website and social network for clients to learn about your practice.

6. Network Therapy

As the name suggests, you’ll effortlessly build your network of clients by listing your practice with Network Therapy. This directory provides a searchable and vast database of clients for therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, etc. Its comprehensive archive also provides access to information about your matching clients.

It costs $179 yearly.


  • Network Therapy allows for audio and video introduction calls, which can help win client trust.
  • You can post articles and photos regarding your services at no extra charge.


  • Although it features robust directory services, its outdated web design can scare away potential clients

7. ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a matching directory that aims to grow your network with insurance-subscribed clients. Paperwork upfront is usually provided to streamline your search for clients even better.

What’s more? ZocDoc features appointment availability status as visible, which heightens your chances to gain leads at all times.


  • There are all kinds of therapists and specialties in ZocDoc.
  • It allows for real-time reviews and feedback.


  • Finding clients is often challenging due to “all specialties” in one place.
  • The enrolment fee is quite high, deterring therapists and doctors from subscribing.

8. TherapyTribe

Although it has a free trial, it’s often an expensive directory, charging $30 monthly. TherapyTribe is a sure directory to accentuate critical information and good qualities to boost client interaction.


  • Usually, the conversion rates are high with its directory model designed separately for easier matching of clients with therapists.


  • It’s quite an expensive directory.
  • Over the past year, TherapyTribe had inconsistent growth, which can lower engagement with your listing.

9. Find a Therapist

Find a Therapist is one of its kind directory online. It features an excellent aspect that makes charges eligible only when your listing gains at least 365 views within 365 days. And certainly, it has always achieved this critical aspect for all therapists who list their practices with them.

Based on your membership level, it costs $199 – $299 per year.


  • You’re eligible for charges only after your practice gains at least 365 views.
  • You get e-commerce support and content pages at no extra cost.


  • Although free in the first year, the subsequent charges are quite expensive.

10. Lastly on Therapist Directories, My Wellbeing

Although it operates for patients in New York, My Wellbeing is one of the best directories that link therapists with clients directly. It works by recommending personalized clients based on your services.


  • You get the best match client recommendation.
  • You can expect occasional decreases in charges subject to negotiation rates.


  • It’s limited to therapists from particular states only.
  • Therapists can only meet one client simultaneously due to their matchmaking service nature.

Why List Your Practice on Therapist Directories?

Listing your practice in a therapist directory is a great step to growing your private business. With their SEO versatility, your practice will improve its ranking in search engines, get you more clients, and improve your interaction with other mental health professionals. Directories are therapists’ best tools for sustaining an efficient online practice.

In addition, therapist directories will filter clients for you based on your services, which saves time and resources you’d use searching for matching clients. 

Listing your practice in a directory is the best decision for your mental health business, as it offers a wider surface for reaching potential clients and increasing your visibility online.

The Advantages of Listing Your Practice in Therapist Directories

Listing your therapy and mental wellness business in a reputable directory is a great step to realizing your success. It comes with countless advantages, including:

Boosting Your Online Visibility 

Your primary goal is to reach a broader and wider clientele. However, achieving this can be challenging, especially if you’re not well-versed in the ins and outs of the industry. 

Luckily, therapist directories are efficient tools to boost your online visibility. Listing your practice with them opens ways for discovery and frequent recommendations since clients can engage with your services from anywhere.

Boosts Your Website SEO 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to boost your online visibility and improve your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Practicing good SEO on your site means that Google, Bing, and other search engines will show it when people perform related searches. 

Unfortunately, that only means that you won’t be able to compete with your competitors if you don’t have good SEO on your site. This will mean less traffic on your site and little-to-no conversions, which will hurt your practice significantly. 

Most therapist directories understand the power of SEO and practice it on their sites.

Additionally, these directories have a higher authority, which means Google’s ranking algorithm can favor them when showing search results. As such, listing your practice in a reputable directory can help boost your site’s SEO and traffic.

Build your brand image 

Having an identifiable brand is key to the growth of your practice. While you can build your brand from scratch, listing your practice on reputable and authoritative therapist directories will help accelerate the process. 

People attach a higher value to a popular brand. Having your practice in an established directory will put your practice before the eyes of the customers, which will increase your chances of winning customers.

Gain a Solid Reputation

Your private therapy business will succeed when therapy seekers are satisfied with your services.

Clients’ reviews and feedback on directories help know whether customers are satisfied or not and what needs to be fixed, improved, or changed.

Therapist seekers will check your reviews before requesting your services. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely customers will trust your services. 

Disadvantages of Listing Your Practice in Therapist Directories

Even the best things don’t miss their shortcomings. Below are common downsides of therapist directories: 


You can subscribe to a free or premium account with therapist directories. However, a free account features fewer services, which can’t contribute to your desired results.

On the other hand, some premium plans are costly, meaning you will need to dig deeper into your pocket to benefit from them.

Unless you subscribe to LGBTQ and ALL, the cheapest directory among the others, your journey to therapy business wholeness might be cut short.

Requires Time

Even though the directories will help you a bigger part in getting clients, you need to commit your time to guarantee success. For instance, you’ll have to regularly track your data and update your contact information to ensure your clients get real-time information anytime they find you on search engines. This can use more time, especially if you list your practice in multiple directories.

You’re Not in Control 

The fact that you’re listing your practice in another person’s directory means that you’re not in control. This can affect your short and long-term goals.

Which is the Best Therapist Directory for Your Practice?

Indeed, a good therapist directory will enhance your online presence, boost your website SEO, establish your brand, and increase credibility and reputation. That’s why you must be cautious when choosing a directory to list your practice.

LGBTQ and All is the home for therapists looking for a reliable directory to list their practice for better traffic and better conversions. This directory has amazing SEO, is LBGTQ-friendly, and enjoys great global visibility. 

Listing on this directory will provide great exposure and open opportunities for you to connect and engage with potential clients. LGBTQ and All charges the lowest monthly fee compared to other therapy directories. Are you ready to take advantage of our SEO to improve online visibility for your therapy practice? Contact us today so we can discuss your project. 

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