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Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Taking Toll on Queer Youth’s Health

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Taking Toll on Queer Youth’s Health

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Taking Toll on Queer Youth’s Health

As the world progresses towards a more inclusive and accepting society, it is disheartening to see the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ bills in several states across the United States. Examples of anti-LGBTQ+ bills include laws that allow businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, laws that allow adoption and foster care agencies to deny services to LGBTQ+ individuals, and laws that allow religious institutions to restrict benefits or employment based on sexual orientation.

These laws make it difficult for LGBTQ+ individuals to live without fear of discrimination or persecution. They also create an environment that can lead to further discrimination and marginalization. These bills not only harm the LGBTQ+ community as a whole but also take a toll on the mental and physical health of queer youth.

This article will discuss how anti-LGBTQ+ harm queer youth and can create long-lasting damage in their lives.

What Bills Have Been Passed Recently?

In March 2023 in Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee signed a bill to prevent transgender youth from accessing age-appropriate, best-practice medical care. In addition, Lee signed the nation’s first ban on some drag performances in one of the United States’ most iconic music capitals. As a result, this ban will restrict artists’ freedom of expression and their ability to entertain.

As a result of this bill, queer youth could be denied medical care simply because of who they are. These are just a few examples of how the LGBTQ+ community is targeted by state legislatures nationwide. Although many more bills have been proposed or passed, each represents an attack on fundamental human rights and freedoms.

How Do These Bills Impact Queer Youth Specifically?

These bills have a detrimental effect on the mental health of queer youth. According to a study by the Trevor Project, a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, more than half of transgender and nonbinary youth seriously considered suicide in the past year. Bills that target the LGBTQ+ community only contribute to the already high levels of stress and anxiety that queer youth experience.

Moreover, denying gender-affirming healthcare to transgender youth can lead to serious physical health issues. Hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries are often necessary for transgender individuals to feel comfortable in their bodies. Without access to these treatments, transgender youth may be forced to resort to unsafe and unregulated methods to alter their bodies.

What are Some Other Types of Bills that Could Negatively Impact Queer Youth?

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills: Transgender Girls in Sports

One of the most concerning bills is the one that bans transgender girls from participating in school sports teams. For instance, in Idaho, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was passed in 2020. This prohibits transgender girls and women from competing in school sports teams that do not match their gender identity.

These bills go against the fundamental human rights of transgender individuals. They also send a message to young LGBTQ+ individuals that they are not welcome or valued in society.

Studies have shown that discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. These types of bills need to be stopped to protect the rights and safety of transgender individuals. The government needs to acknowledge and respect the rights of all people, regardless of gender identity. Equality is a fundamental human right.

Discussing LGBTQ+ issues in the Classroom

Another bill that is causing concern is the one that prohibits teachers from discussing LGBTQ+ issues in the classroom. For example, this type of bill would prevent teachers from discussing the history of the Stonewall riots or the significance of Pride Month in June.

These types of bills not only prevent students from learning about important topics related to LGBTQ+ individuals but can also harm the mental health of queer youth. It sends a message that their experiences and identities are not important or valid.

These bills not only hurts the LGBTQ+ community but also deny all students the opportunity to learn about important topics that are relevant in today’s society. It reinforces the idea that these topics are taboo and should be hidden. In other words, the bill prohibits schools from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation, even though these issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in media, culture, and politics.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Regarding Bathroom Usage

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills, such as bathroom bills, deny transgender individuals access to bathrooms. They also block them from accessing other facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

For example, a bathroom bill in South Dakota was designed to keep transgender students from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. Instead, it forces them to use bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex. These bills are discriminatory and create an unsafe environment for LGBTQ+ youth.

Healthcare Treatment

In addition, some bills allow healthcare providers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ+ individuals based on their religious beliefs. As a result, queer youth are at risk of not receiving the care they need and deserve.

For instance, a bill in Arizona would allow healthcare providers to deny transgender individuals gender-affirming care, such as hormone therapy and gender-reassignment surgery.

Some other recent Anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed in Arizona this year include:

The Arizona Senate has passed the following anti-LGBTQ+ bills this session:

  • SB 1001 – This bill makes it illegal for teachers and other school staff to respect the pronouns of a transgender or non-binary student without written permission from parents.

  • SB 1005 – It allows schools open to threat of litigation for offering supportive and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ students.

  • SB 1040 – This bill bans transgender students and school staff from using restrooms in school that match their gender identity. It also allows people to sue schools if they share a restroom with a trans person.

  • SB 1026 – It prohibits state money from being used for drag shows of any kind.

Everyone should have access to the care they need and deserve, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. We must work together to ensure all individuals have equitable access to healthcare.

Solutions for the LGBTQ+ Community Regarding Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

It is essential to recognize the negative impact that these bills are having on the mental and physical health of queer youth. Discrimination and lack of acceptance can lead to serious health issues, and we must fight against these bills and support LGBTQ+ individuals. In addition, we must strive to create a world where everyone is accepted and supported regardless of their identity.

It is also essential to provide safe spaces where queer youth can find acceptance and be their true selves. We must also ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals have access to resources and support to help them cope with the adverse effects of discrimination. For example, organizations like LGBTQ and ALL provide 24/7 resources and tools to LGBTQ+ youth, as well as guidance and support for their families and allies.


The increase in anti-LGBTQ+ bills being passed is not only discriminatory but is also taking a toll on the health of queer youth. We must stand up against these bills and support LGBTQ+ individuals. That way, they can live their lives without discrimination and access to proper healthcare. We must also ensure that our government and society are creating a safe space for queer youth. As a result, they can feel accepted and reduce the stigma around their sexuality. It is necessary to show queer youth that they are not alone and are loved and valued.

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