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Frequently Asked Questions

LGBTQ and ALL is a mental health blog with resources and a business directory. We aim to list as many tools as possible on an ongoing basis globally so that users suffering from mental health issues and needing professional care have access. Our mission is to provide accessible resources to everyone worldwide through up-to-date, educationally written content with access to thousands of therapists, psychologists for children, gender confirmation surgeons, and other types of mental health professionals through our business directory resources. Our business directory features many mental health professionals in many areas worldwide. We want to emphasize that all are welcome at LGBTQ AND ALL, whether you are in the LGBTQ+ community, a friend, or an ally.
Great question! LGBTQ and ALL is an inclusive community for all folks coping with mental health struggles. Our extensive mental health directory does focus on the LGBTQ+ community; however, it is essential to note that it does help everyone from all walks of life.
We offer various accessible mental health resources, including a directory with medical professionals and relevant articles about mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, and more.
Although we cannot help you directly, we are happy to connect you with the right healthcare provider in your area. Feel free to fill out the form: Professional Help. We do not collect any further personal information on the form submission. Due to privacy reasons, once requests have been received and we can connect the patient with the right healthcare provider, we will provide the health provider with details from your submission form. Once you have been connected with the healthcare provider, they might request additional information based on licensing guidelines.
LGBTQ and ALL ambassadors are essential to our site; these leaders may share their experiences, struggles, and coping methods. For example, an ambassador or ally can share their experiences from a mental health perspective, lifestyle influencer, or plastic surgeon for trans and non-binary folks. Such videos intend to encourage a safe space for all.
If you would like to share your experiences and belong to our Ambassadors community, please fill out this form to be published: Become an Ambassador.
Listing your business is a straightforward process. You can list your business via the following link: The first month is completely FREE. Once you finish your first free month, you will be on a monthly subscription for USD 19.99. You can cancel anytime before your new payment cycle.

We are an affordable option when compared to other directories. Once you have signed up and submitted your business, it will go through an approval process to ensure everything looks correct. Sometimes, one of our team members will reach out to discuss some of the information submitted or identify any missing information.

Our team works effortlessly to ensure your business listing gets targeted and receives relevant traffic exposure. First, we will prioritize a paid business listing in placement in the directory. Our SEO team provides backlinks to your site to benefit your site’s SEO and Google rankings. Due to the nature of our business, we often receive inquiries about individuals looking to be connected with the proper practice based on their needs. We are happy to send those referrals over to your business. Our business directory helps individuals find the resources they need from our listings. Last, we collect all the information required to showcase your business to make potential patients comfortable.

Yes – we collect the business details so we can do our fact-checking on the provider. That way, we can ensure they are fully licensed and in good standing.
Yes – we do so because we want to ensure that when your business is published, it displays all the appropriate information to help the users decide which provider to pursue. However, you can fill out the info halfway through and return to it before publishing the listing.
Once we have reviewed your business listing and everything looks great, it usually takes two business days to publish it fully.
Yes – you can cancel your subscription any time before the next payment cycle.

No, this is not possible with a subscription at LGBTQ AND ALL. However, you can benefit from a one-month free trial to see if our subscription is right for you.

Any business that has been fact-checked will indicate “Badge Verified,” so make sure to look out for that logo. Typically, Badge Verified companies would be at the top of the listings and entail more in-depth information on the business itself.
Paid business listings that indicate “Badge Verified” will typically indicate “Supports Insurance” along with the insurance companies with which they are affiliated.
We understand situations sometimes occur after a business has been published on the LGBTQ and ALL website. Although we do our best to review providers frequently, there might be times when situations occur, and the provider will no longer be in good standing. Should this happen, we will remove all content related to the provider from our website.

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