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What Is Our Badge at LGBTQ and ALL?

Our badge at LGBTQ and ALL ensures that we have approved all of the provided resources and information from participating qualified psychologists for kids, and board-certified, trans-friendly plastic surgeons. These trusted sources are our partners and allies and have been verified by our team. When you see this badge, it means LGBTQ and ALL has done their part in verifying the following information:

  • That the name and contact details of the qualified mental health or medical professional.
  • The psychologist or plastic surgeon’s license, if applicable, is valid within the area where they practice.
  • That the professional is not subject to any license strictures which may prevent them from practicing.

Why Is Our LGBTQ and All Badge Important?

Reliable medical information is essential in today’s time. It can help you become a more active participant in your mental or physical health care journey and give you the tools to work with a qualified professional to make informed decisions about your wellbeing. Unfortunately, as you may know, not all the information you find online is entirely reliable, and this fact extends to mental health and the medical field as well.

We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate, trustworthy sources. In addition, we have gone into partnership with some of the most prominent leaders in the LGBTQ+ and mental health communities. 

Why Are Partnerships So Meaningful in Today’s World?

Partnerships mean everything to us at LGBTQ and ALL. By working with other LGBTQ+ leaders and medical professionals, we can combine our strengths and abilities. That way, we can provide as many resources and tools as possible.

Collaborating with others creates more innovation and better serves our readers, audience, and community. In addition, these types of strategic partnerships are beneficial for everyone involved and lead to better quality information accessible for all. 

Our Articles and Social Media Content

Please note, the articles and content offered via our LGBTQ and ALL website and social media platforms are not, nor intended to be, actual therapy or psychological advice. If you are looking for mental health or medical advice from qualified professionals, browse through our listings of partnerships. Our allies and partners have been training in the mental health and plastic surgery sectors for years and are some of the leading experts in their field.

Get in Touch with Us

The team at LGBTQ and ALL verifies the information as soon as a counselor or plastic surgeon is listed in our directory. We also monitor when their professional credentials are about to expire.

If you find any of the information on the LGBTQ and ALL database inaccurate in some way, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will update the database so that we can provide the most up-to-date information. 

Want to grab our badge for your organization or company needs? You can download it or embed it here. 

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